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St Simons Island Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing Project Beginning on May 1, 2019

Want to know more about the smoke testing methodology that will be used to help set maintenance priorities for our sanitary sewer collection system on St. Simons Island?

On Monday, April 29, 2019, members of JWSC staff will be present in room 108 of the St. Simons Island Casino at 550 Beachview Drive from 6:00 to 8:00 PM to discuss the project. A short presentation will be repeated every 30 minutes with time allotted for discussion. Please drop in when you can to hear more about this process that will use a mist that is safe for your health and for the environment.

The map below will be on display in large format and copies of the schedule will be made available so that you may be best prepared to see the crew members from McKim & Creed Engineering Consultants as they perform this essential work:


Doorknob notices will be distributed a few days in advance to commencement of testing in an area.

One significant product of this study is the identification of defects in our sewer mains and private service connections that may be contributing to an increase in wastewater processing costs at the treatment plant due to rainwater pouring into manholes and clean out connections (known as inflow) and groundwater seeping into cracks in pipes (known as infiltration).

Smoke may rise up in the street, in your yard or even in your house but our consultant will have their staff actively alerting you to their presence in your area while the work is being performed. The visual below may help with your understand of what paths this mist or smoke may take while venting out to the atmosphere:

To aid in your understanding, our staff has also produced the following videos on the subject: