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Rates, Fees, and Charges

As a public utility, the BGJWSC must annually develop a balanced budget based on a set rate structure, present that budget and rate table for review by the public in town hall meetings (typically in mid-June of each year), and then the board of commissioners must vote to accept the budget and rates before the fiscal year begins on July 1 of each year.

The presently adopted rate resolution is available here:
Rate Resolutions

You can see a breakdown of all rates since 2014 using our bill calculator.

A brief explanation of some of these charges will follow based on frequently asked questions.

Base Charge and Administration Fee – This is the fee assessed to each customer on each monthly statement for the cost to provide for the fixed expenses of the agency, known in the business world as overhead costs, and encompasses any day-to-day expenses that we face regardless of the amount billed for water and/or sewer operational expenses. The administration fee is broken down into both a water and sewer component as the rates are calculated based on a total number of customers that have water but not sewer service, sewer but not water service, or both water and sewer service. Effective 7/1/18, each customer now pays a base charge that includes the cost of the first 1,000 gallons of service provided in an effort to stabilize revenue.

Water and Sewer REU Debt Service Recovery Fees – This is each customer’s portion of a repayment towards bonds issued in the past, much like a large loan, to accomplish funding a large repair or replacement project on existing infrastructure that serves existing customers, not new construction for new customers.  This debt is taken on by the agency and paid back over the course of 20 to 30 years in some cases.  A debt service fee is not related in any way to balances on closed service accounts as that balance is the responsibility of the account holder. The fee is broken down as a separate water and sewer portion as some customers have one service, the other service or both services. The amount listed on your bill is your fair share based on the service(s) that you pay for. It varies based on the REU, or Residential Equivalent Unit. A single family residence is 1 while a restaurant may be 10 or more, which increases this portion of the bill.

Water and Sewer Volume Usage Charges – The amount of water service billed to an account is based on how much water flows through the meter each month. Meters are read every month by radio, by cellular transmitter or by hand. No meters are estimated. The sewer portion of the bill is calculated on the amount of water that flows through the meter. For accounts with sewer service only, the customer may either have a meter installed on the well service line or be billed a flat rate charge each month.

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