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Public Emergency Notification System for Emergency Updates

Our Public Emergency Notification System enables us to provide you with critical information quickly in a variety of situations including life-threatening boil water advisories, emergency road closures, hazardous materials spills and service outages. This system will allow you to enter your personal and/or work phone(s), email address(es), and cell phone(s), giving us a wide range of options for reaching out to you with critical information that may affect your safety.

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All emergency notifications will be sent using the Public Emergency Notification System above. All non-emergency notifications will be sent using the Email Notification system below. You will need to register for each system separately if you so choose. 

Receive an Email Notification for Non-Emergency Updates

You may also register to get a notification by email when the website is updated with non-emergency related content, such as commission meeting notifications, scheduled road closures, scheduled service outages and employment opportunities. Following registration, please log in to indicate what type of news posts you would like delivered to your email inbox.

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