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Pump Station 4048 Project Briefing Update 1


The details below outline the project referred to as PS4048, which is located in the area between the corner of Norwich Street and Fifth Street to the corner of Townsend Street and Stonewall Street. This wastewater force main basin serves over 3,000 customers. This force main improvement project is required in order to continue serving the existing customer base and also prepare the way for future growth.  This project is a required preliminary/complimentary project for the current SPLOST 2016 Phase I North Mainland improvements that are planned to open up current capacity needs and prepare for future growth.

Construction has begun. Routine updates to this briefing will be posted every two weeks following a planning meeting with BGJWSC, City of Brunswick and/or Glynn County staff plus contract construction personnel. Following future meetings, progress will be reported in advance to the next phase of construction.

Update 1

TB Landmark Construction is currently connecting the section of new force main that has been installed from Pumpstation 4005, under the CSX/Norfolk Southern tracks, to the section of new force main that was directionally bored on 5th St. from Norwich St. to MLK St.  Following that connection, TBL will then install the new 6’ diameter receiving manhole located adjacent to the north entrance to Norwich Commons.  This manhole is constructed from solid High-Density Polyethylene plastic, rather than concrete, to ensure it withstands the corrosive conditions produced from the high wastewater flows it will receive.  At this time, essentially all wastewater flow in the north mainland, east of I-9/Exit 38, will pass through this manhole.  Once SPLOST 2016 Phases 2-4 are completed in several years, this flow will reduce dramatically.

The following roads are planned to be closed until December 18, 2017:

  • 5th street will be closed between Norwich Street and Marion Street
  • 5th Street will be closed between Brailsford Ave and Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Please use detour.

In addition, 5th Street between Norwich St and Hardee Street will be closed from Monday 11/6 to Friday 12/14 for sewer bypassing. Please be prepared to follow posted detour signs.

TB Landmark Construction will also be installing a 24″ Force Main via directional drill on 5th Street from Stonewall Street to Gordon Street from Monday 10/30 to Friday 11/10. 5th Street will be closed between these roads. Local Traffic Only.

A copy of both the map image and this report are available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF below:


The information below will remain unchanged for each update:

For the safety of pedestrians and crew members, please avoid approaching workers that are actively engaged in the construction process.

The general location of traffic affected by the project will be Fifth Street at Commons Lane to Lee Street. Lee Street through Paulk Field to Townsend St will also be affected.

The project includes extending the existing 14-inch force main serving existing LS 4048, LS 4028 and LS 4006 with approximately 3,100 linear feet of 24-inch force main. The existing 14-inch force main contributes wastewater to the gravity sewer system of LS 4005. The wastewater is re-pumped by LS 4005 to a gravity sewer system feeding the Academy Creek WPCP. LS 4005 receives and re-pumps much of the wastewater generated from the North Mainland Sewer Basin. The purpose of this project is to remove a significant portion of the contributory flow from LS 4005 to reduce its required pumping capacity. By-passing LS 4005 with the proposed force main will remove the wastewater contribution of LS 4048, LS 4028 and LS 4006 from LS 4005.


During construction, 3,100 linear feet of 24-inch force main will be installed to increase the efficiency of existing piping that carries wastewater from the north end of our present mainland Brunswick sewer system. This system runs from as far northeast as Chanslor Road to Odyssey Lake Apartments on Highway 99, down Golden Isles Parkway, across to Shell Point Subdivision on Harry Driggers Blvd, down Darien Highway, following over to the project area off of Townsend Street, bringing the wastewater through 23 pumping stations before reaching its final destination at the Academy Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility on Newcastle Street.

The construction equipment and supplies will be staged at Paulk Park off of Wylly Ave on August 1, 2017 and will be completed by December. During this time, traffic will be rerouted due to excavation on Fifth Street east of Norwich Street towards Lee Street and up to Branham Ave. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. will be blocked at Fifth Street for a short period of time. Once construction commences, routine updates to this briefing will be posted every two weeks following a planning meeting with BGJWSC, City of Brunswick, Glynn County and contract construction personnel. Progress will be reported in advance to the next phase of construction.


Areas affected during project:

The general location of areas affected by the project will be along 5th Street, Lee Street, Paulk Field and Townsend Street.

Equipment and construction trailer will be staged at Paulk Park for the course of the project. Accommodations have been made with area businesses to avoid congestion and delays.


August-October 2017

  • Start of Project
  • Jack & Bore casing installation under CSX & Norfolk Southern Railroads at PS4005
  • HDD Installation of new 24” HDPE force main on 5th Street between MLK Ave. and Norwich St.
  • Tie-in of new force main at MLK Ave.

November 2017

  • Bypassing of existing 14” force main at 5th St. at Norwich Commons
  • Installation of new 6’ HDPE receiving manhole

November-December 2018

  • Installation of new 24” HDPE force main on 5th St., Lee St., Paulk Park, Branham St., Townsend St.

January 2018

  • Tie-in of force main on Townsend St. and Tie-in of PS4005
  • Completion of Project


The 8-inch force main is too small to support existing sewer customers. Under current conditions, the force main cannot support all the flow from the twenty contributing stations in the basin. This increases the probability of Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs), which impacts the public health and safety. This project is consistent with the corrective actions as directed in compliance with an existing consent order from the Environmental Protection Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources that resulted from recent SSOs. BGJWSC is replacing this small, incompatible pipe with a new, larger 16-inch diameter force main pipe. A larger pipe will be able to provide adequate sewer services to the public and reduce the potential for SSOs.

This project is being funded by capital reserves at a cost of approximately $3.4 million and is required to facilitate the SPLOST 2016 North Mainland Forcemain Improvements project.


This project was designed by Hussey Gay Bell and will be managed by the Planning & Construction Division of the BGJWSC and construction will be performed by TB Landmark Construction.

TB Landmark specializes in horizontal direction drill (HDD) which a majority of the construction requires.  TB Landmark has the qualifications BGJWSC has specified for this project.  The anticipated construction equipment for this project may include a HDD Drilling Rig, Excavators, Vacuum/Recycling Trucks, Dump Trucks, Loading/Unloading Trucks, and HDD Mud Mix Recycler.

Contact for this project is the BGJWSC Project Manager:

Todd Kline, PE, Senior Engineer,
Planning & Construction Division
Brunswick-Glynn County
Joint Water & Sewer Commission
1703 Gloucester St
Brunswick, GA 31520
Office: 912.261.7126

Regular project updates will be available on BGJWSC’s website http://www.bgjwsc.org/

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