New Wastewater Pretreatment Compliance Coordinator

Angela_WalkerThe Brunswick – Glynn County Joint Water & Sewer Commission is very proud to announce that Mrs. Angela Walker has accepted an offer to be the BGJWSC’s Wastewater Pretreatment Compliance Coordinator. This is a very important position that is responsible for the BGJWSC’s regulatory compliance inspections, monitoring, enforcement, record keeping, and reporting. Mrs. Walker will also be responsible for the BGJWSC Fats, Oil, and Grease (FOG) Program. Other responsibilities will be to serve as a front line liaison to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division. Mrs. Walker will work directly under the supervision of Mark Ryals, Superintendent for the BGJWSC’s Wastewater Treatment Division.

Mrs. Walker is a native of Thomaston, Georgia, and has 17 years of experience with wastewater treatment systems, with four of those years being in a supervisory position. While working in the wastewater industry, she has obtained ten State of Georgia licenses, and a Georgia Class I Wastewater Operator License. She also holds a Lab Analysis License and a Wastewater Collection License all within the State of Georgia. Mrs. Walker is currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

Mrs. Walker will be relocating to the Golden Isles with her husband Willie. Mr. & Mrs. Walker have three children and eight grandchildren and are very proud to have two of their sons following in their father’s footsteps serving in the U.S. Army, as he is retired from the Army.
Mrs. Walker stated; “When I was offered the opportunity to relocate to the coast of Georgia and work for the Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water & Sewer Commission, it was a dream come true for me! I look forward to many happy years serving the citizens of Brunswick and Glynn County and enjoying the beaches here on the coast of Georgia.”

BGJWSC Executive Director, Stephen Swan said that the search for filling this position was conducted over multiple states and Mrs. Walker was one of the leading candidates even before she had her personal interview. Again, the BGJWSC has filled another position with a very experienced and qualified individual.

Staff Spotlight – Ray Marsh

Staff Spotlight Ray Marsh - 960w 640h

Ray Marsh

Staff Member since May, 2011

Latest Achievement – Waste Water Operator II

“Most days I find myself taking samples at the Academy Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant, making sure that the product that we treat is not polluted or contaminated in such a way as to be detrimental to the process of plant operations. The output of our process, the effluent, is almost drinking-water quality by the time it reaches the river.” Continue reading

For Your Information – What is GIS?


Before you turn on your tap and fill up a glass, the water coming to you has made quite a long trip. In our system, we have twenty-one wells that supply water to over 30,000 customers across 560 miles of pipe.

Likewise, when you flush the commode or take a shower, the wastewater makes a trip across part of the 337 miles of pipe in our system then makes its way to one of three wastewater treatment plants.

Keeping up with the location of these underground utilities previously involved hand drafted maps. This was both time-consuming, took up large amounts of storage space and required accurate cataloging to locate exactly what you need. Continue reading