Boil Advisory Lifted for North Brunswick – July 21, 2016

Effective immediately, the boil advisory put in place for the FLETC and surrounding areas in the north end of Brunswick on Tuesday, July 19 at 9:45 p.m. has been lifted. No further bacterial threat is posed in relation to water distribution system repairs performed earlier that day.

Nine sample sites were tested over a twenty-four hour period as required by law and all resulted as negative for any contaminants. Water can be consumed directly from service connections in the FLETC area without boiling. All service connections outside but in the vicinity of the FLETC have been found to have been unaffected by the outage.

Boil Water Advisory Update for North Brunswick – July 20, 2016

Yesterday afternoon, a water main break within the confines of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center resulted in the isolation of their water distribution system from that of the surrounding areas via shut-off valves at both the front gate on Chapel Crossing Rd and the rear gate on Glynco Parkway. As a precaution, public notice was also given for the surrounding service area. The local media was alerted, along with contact made to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. The JWSC staff has now determined that only FLETC service connections will be affected by the boil water advisory published last night at 9:45 p.m.

The boil water advisory stands for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center until water quality testing is completed with the results of that testing to follow within 24 hours.

Boil Water Advisory in North Brunswick – July 19, 2016


Boil Water Advisory

As of 9:45 p.m. on Tuesday, July 19, 2016, water service has been interrupted for more than four hours in the vicinity of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, affecting the water quality in areas of north Brunswick, including Waverly Pines, Glynco Parkway, Chapel Crossing Road and sections of Altama Ave.

Following the repair of a broken water main within the FLETC property earlier tonight, the JWSC staff has discovered that, due to lack of pressure in the lines, chlorine levels have dropped to a point which may be described as bordering on hazardous to those with weakened immune systems. Water mains will be flushed by the crews that are onsite but you may find debris and air in the line during initial usage.

If you are aware of your service being interrupted tonight, even momentarily, the following steps must be taken to ensure your health and safety:

Those with compromised immune systems, the elderly and those serving water to small children are being asked to boil water before use if you are in the affected area. There is a strong possibility of bacterial contamination in the drinking water system that could make you sick.

If a discernible odor is present when the tap is turned on, run water from the tap for a minimum of 5 minutes to flush any potential contamination from the line.

This boil water advisory is in effect until further notice. Updates will be given on this website as well as an alert being sent to the media on service conditions within 24 hours.

Staff Spotlight – Dana Read

Staff Spotlight Dana Read - 640w 960h

Staff Spotlight on Dana Read

Team Member since August 13, 2007

With ‘veterans preferred’ appearing so often on job descriptions these days, it’s easy to recognize that the U.S. workforce benefits from the experience, technical skill sets, honesty, integrity and self-discipline exhibited by those that have bettered themselves by the challenges of serving in the Armed Forces. Presently, the Joint Water & Sewer Commission employs 138 staff. Twenty five are active duty military service veterans, many of whom have served in times of conflict.

We have also encouraged those that work at the JWSC to pursue opportunities in the National Guard and Reserve branches, allowing them to maintain their position in the organization while serving for extended periods of time stateside and abroad. One such highly valued employee is Dana Read, a Geographic Information Systems Analyst in the Planning & Construction Division of the JWSC as well as a Senior Airman with the 224th Joint Communications Support Squadron of the Georgia Air National Guard, based out of Brunswick, Georgia.

We’re proud to have had Dana with us at the JWSC since 2007 and even more proud to see him preparing to spend the next 10 months deployed as part of his duties as a Client Systems Specialist (3D1X1). While serving with the Air National Guard since March of 2012, Dana has had the opportunity to train within various areas of the communications field. The 224th provides deployable tactical communications for Joint Task Force Headquarters and Joint Special Operations Task Force Headquarters. It can operate in environments without a reliable terrestrial network, and is often the first to deploy in order to establish communications networks and other C4 services to enhance command and control between units, services, or coalition forces.

His day-to-day work at the JWSC collecting utility system data, developing GIS mapping content, and analyzing flow patterns makes him a vital part of our efforts to create a reliable and valuable database that allows our management team to make decisions on how to best use our limited resources in the most effective manner to benefit those that make use of our services.  We’re confident that the commitment that he has made to pursue military service has also made him a vital part of his unit’s success in accomplishing the mission that he is tasked with.

We salute Senior Airman Dana Read and welcome his return to the JWSC next spring following his deployment.