Staff Spotlight – Donnie Bankston

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Donnie Bankston

Team Member since 10/25/10

Latest Achievement: Water Lab Analyst Certification

Before becoming a utility employee, Donnie was also a customer of the BGJWSC.  “There’s a lot more to getting a glass of water than just turning on the faucet,” he said. “Being involved in the operation revealed to me how many people and processes go into the production of water for our consumption and for fire use.” Continue reading

For Your Information – Sewer Smoke Testing

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Routinely, the Systems Monitoring Crew of the BGJWSC goes through the process of determining whether the wastewater collection system is leaking in such a way that ground water may be seeping into the system underground (infiltration) or through broken cleanout caps or manholes (inflow).  This testing is done to ensure that the wastewater treatment process is run efficiently, meaning a financial savings for all of our customers.

When work is being performed in your area, you will find a tag hanging on your doorknob.  The content of this tag is show below: Continue reading

Service Outage on Highway 99 – Monday April 7, 2014


In the process of making a connection to the water main on Highway 99, water service will be disconnected between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Monday, April 7th 2014. No traffic will need to be rerouted.

The office and residents of Odyssey Lake Apartments have been notified, as they are the only customers known to be impacted at this time.

The BGJWSC apologizes in advance for the inconvenience.

Water & Sewer System Study Update – April 2, 2014

The Brunswick-Glynn Joint Water & Sewer Commission will be hosting a presentation by Thomas & Hutton Engineering Co. from 2:30 to 4:00 on Wednesday, 4/1/14.  Prepared for the Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority, this presentation, entitled Water & Sewer System Study Update, is focused on the Eastgate and McBride Commerce Parks and will outline options for the most cost effective and technically viable method for providing sufficient fire flows and pressures plus adequate sewer capacity to serve the existing and future industrial areas in the vicinity of the Brunswick-Golden Isles Airport.

All citizens are invited to attend. There is a possibility of a quorum of Commissioners being present, in addition to officers and staff of the Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority.