Pump Station 2032 Project Briefing Update 4

The details below outline the project referred to as PS2032, which is located in the area between North Harrington Road and Palmetto Street on Frederica Road, on the northern half of St Simons Island. This wastewater force main basin serves approximately 3,400 customers north of and including Sea Palms West. This improvement is required in order to continue serving this existing customer base and also prepare the way for future growth.

Construction has begun. Routine updates to this briefing will be posted every two weeks following a planning meeting with BGJWSC, Glynn County and contract construction personnel. The first onsite planning meeting occurred Tuesday, January 17, 2017. Following future meetings, progress will be reported in advance to the next phase of construction.

Update 4

The horizontal directional drilling (HDD) rig is currently at the corner of Palmetto St. and Frederica Rd.  It is anticipate that pulling pipe will occur today 3/1/17 for 12 hours. Palmetto St. is closed to through traffic from 3rd Ave to 5th Ave for pipe pulling and drilling operations. Detour signs are set up to divert traffic around the work area.

On Thursday 3/2/17, the rig will move further down Palmetto St. just west of 3rd Ave. At this point, Palmetto St. will close to through traffic from 3rd Ave to 4th Ave for drilling operations. Detour signs will be set up to divert traffic around work area. This closure will take place Monday 3/2/17 through Tuesday 3/7/17. This completes the drilling operation for this project. Most of the large equipment will be de-mobilized. As soon as the rig is moved out of the way, the two pipes from the HDD drills on Palmetto St. will be tied in, so this area can be restored to normal.

The pipe crew will begin tying in each pipe from the HDD drill along Frederica Road beginning just north of Spanish Oaks Cove at Pump Station 2032 and heading south towards Palmetto St. Each tie in location should take no longer than 4 days.

A copy of both the map image and this report are available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF below:


The information below will remain unchanged for each update:

For the safety of pedestrians and crew members, please avoid approaching workers that are actively engaged in the construction process. BGJWSC staff will be making this information available in a handout form using brochure holders beginning in the middle of next week, or as soon as the displays arrive. Those holders will be spaced out along the available walking path and in adjacent business areas, such as Circle K, Benny’s Red Barn, Sea Palms Resort office, our construction staging area (at the corner of Palmetto and Frederica), and other locations along the route.

Construction of a dedicated 16-inch force main for wastewater discharge. The 16-inch pipe will have a 14-inch inside diameter and will replace the current 8-inch force main that has exceeded design capacity. This 8-inch line has been in constant use for over 30 years.

The method of construction is ‘trenchless’ in which all pipe installation will be completed through horizontal drilling technology to avoid open trenches and road closures. While this will result in a greater project cost, this method is preferred in order to minimize the inconvenience to the community and protect the tree canopy.

Through BGJWSC efforts at obtaining the use of property adjacent to the project for staging equipment and materials, Palmetto St will have no more than a partial lane closure during limited periods of the project. Traffic control will be present, where necessary, throughout the project.

No services will be intentionally disrupted during the project. Any environmental impacts due to construction activities will be restored during each phase.

Frederica Road areas affected during project –

(Dates are estimates, exact dates will be determined when construction begins)

S. Harrington Road:

closed for two 12 to 24-hr windows during pipe pullback
Should occur end of January
Palmetto Street:

no more than one lane closed at the intersection with Frederica Road.
Should occur end of March to end of April
3rd and 4th Ave:

Through traffic closed
Should occur 18 days in April
West of 6th Avenue:

one lane closure
Should occur 18 days in April
Pedestrian Path Detour on Frederica Road –

Harrogate Road:

Detour between North Windward Drive and Palm Drive, to be used during course of construction on Frederica Road east shoulder.
Should occur mid-February to mid-March
Palm Drive and Colonial Drive:

Closure of path segments and temporary reroute of path into Sea Palms Golf Course property, to be used during course of construction on Frederica Road east shoulder.
Should occur mid-March to early April
Equipment and construction trailer will be staged at 3501 Frederica Road for the course of the project. Accommodations have been made with area businesses to avoid congestion and delays.

Start of Project – January 2017
Phase 1 (Frederica Road) – January-April 2017
Phase 2 (Palmetto Street) – April-June 2017
Completion of Project – July 2017

The 8-inch force main is too small to support existing sewer customers. Under current conditions, the force main cannot support all the flow from the twenty contributing stations in the basin. This increases the probability of Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs), which impacts the public health and safety. This project is consistent with the corrective actions as directed in compliance with an existing consent order from the Environmental Protection Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources that resulted from recent SSOs. BGJWSC is replacing this small, incompatible pipe with a new, larger 16-inch diameter force main pipe. A larger pipe will be able to provide adequate sewer services to the public and reduce the potential for SSOs.

This project is being funded by capital reserves at a cost of approximately $3.4 million. No SPLOST funds will be used.

This project was designed by Four Waters Engineering, Inc., will be managed by the Planning & Construction Division of the BGJWSC and construction will be performed by T.B. Landmark Construction.

TB Landmark specializes in horizontal direction drill (HDD) which a majority of the construction requires. TB Landmark has the qualifications BGJWSC has specified for this project. The anticipated construction equipment for this project may include a HDD Drilling Rig, Excavators, Vacuum/Recycling Trucks, Dump Trucks, Loading/Unloading Trucks, and HDD Mud Mix Recycler.

Contact for this project is the BGJWSC Project Manager:

Todd Kline, PE, Senior Engineer,
Planning & Construction Division
Brunswick-Glynn County
Joint Water & Sewer Commission
1703 Gloucester St
Brunswick, GA 31520
Office: 912.261.7126

Regular project updates will be available on BGJWSC’s website – http://www.bgjwsc.org/