Project Info – Mainland Brunswick – Pump Station 4035-4036 Upgrade

  • Project Number: #702
  • District and General Location: PS4035 on Ross Road, North Mainland District and PS4036 on B&W Grade Road, North Mainland District
  • Total Budget: $2.6M
  • Anticipated Construction Completion Date: Spring 2022
  • Details: Project consist of the repair of both stations building roof, painting, along with pump and piping modifications. Detailed station work includes installation magnetic flow meter, odor control unit, replacing outdated electrical and SCADA equipment, building repairs with site improvements.
  • Purpose: The purpose of the project is to address the aging infrastructure, increase capacity to serve the area, and ensure reliable operation of these critical wastewater facilities.
  • Have More Questions? Please contact W. Todd Kline, P.E., Director of Engineering –

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