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April 2017 Water Meter Upgrade Servicing Schedule

In April, the following areas will see changes to their water meter setup:

  • The Landings at Golden Isles
  • The Villas at Golden Isles
  • Turtle Creek
  • Timber Ridge

If you live within or in the vicinity of one of the neighborhoods listed above, the meter used to keep track of your water consumption is going to be serviced this month. Due to the nature of this work, the crews that perform the upgrades are the same technicians that may get called out for water main leaks or new service installations, making the process timing sporadic. As a result, we are unable to notify you of the exact date or time that your individual meter will be replaced.

Our field staff will make an attempt to notify you when they are onsite preparing for the replacement. Your meter box may be replaced during the upgrade, as we will also be installing a check valve, known as a back flow preventer, requiring a longer setting within the box. This back flow preventer is required on every service connection by national plumbing code to protect your water supply from contaminants that may be exposed to the water mains.

Your meter box cover will be painted blue. Though we read all meters by radio transmitter, being able to quickly identify the location of this meter is vital to performing regular maintenance. You may also see a concrete ‘donut’ painted blue will be placed around any water main valve box in the area. This ring helps crews respond as quickly as possible during leak repairs by making the valves easy to identify.

You may also see a new blue circular cap on the side of the meter box facing your house. Under this cap, you will find a hand valve that can quickly and easily be used to isolate your house from the water in the event that you have a leak inside the house or on the service line. This will be of great benefit to you if you need to stop the flow quicker than our emergency crews can respond.

Approximately 20 gallons will be used during flushing prior to the crew completing the work and moving on to the next house. This flushing at an outside spigot will help ensure that any dirt, pipe debris, and pipe glue has been removed before making its way into the plumbing of your home. The water may be cloudy when you first turn on your sink, but it will be clear within two to three minutes. If you see any drop in pressure or erratic flow at your sink faucet, please remove the strainer and check for any remaining debris. The strainer should then be put back on the faucet.

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience caused by the temporarily outage and the changes that will be made within the utility easement area. We will make every attempt to flush debris and protect your landscaping. If you have any service related concerns following this upgrade, please feel free to contact us.

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