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  • Update Regarding Hydrant Damage on Altama Ave – April 12, 2020

Update Regarding Hydrant Damage on Altama Ave – April 12, 2020

Last Sunday afternoon, April 12, a vehicle collided with a hydrant at the corner of Altama Ave and Egret Street.

BGJWSC Water Distribution Division staff responded and began isolating the water flow to prevent pressure and volume loss to critical facilities, such as the hospital. Seen here is Paul Herrin, operating a metal detector,  and Dale Gamble, preparing to operate a valve key.

The high flow rate of water into the street prevented safe access to the valve used to isolate the hydrant from the water main. Once pressure was reduced well enough to isolate the hydrant from the main, staff removed and replaced the hydrant and broken section of water main. Steve West and Alvin Hall assist Caleb Lovell as he closes the isolation valve.

Seen here is Alvin Hall, Water Distribution Supervisor, removing the broken fitting from the water main as Dale Gamble assists. The flow of water caused between 10 and 12 cubic yards of dirt to wash out of the hole, the volume of a typical construction dumpster.

While water service was restored around 8:00 pm that night, staff worked until 1:00 AM to complete the repair and clean up the surrounding area.

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