Road Blockage Notification – 2300 Block of Talmadge in Brunswick, September 25-26


In response to a call regarding a potential sewer connection problem on Thursday, September 25, the BGJWSC has closed the 2300 block of Talmadge St between Glynn Ave (Hwy 17 SB) and Macon Ave until repairs can be made. Weather permitting, the road shall be reopened no later than 7:00 PM on Friday, September 26.

WebUseStreetViewWhen it was determined that a blockage on the service line serving McDonald’s Restaurant required excavation of the connection, all necessary precautions were taken to prevent spillage of waste water. Lime was placed around the clean out inspection port as a disinfectant and well points were dug in order to facilitate draining ground water from the site where work is to be performed.


Any water seen running down the street is ground water from the pit as a vacuum truck is onsite recovering all wastewater for processing at the treatment plant. Our crew is seen here repairing the collapse that occurred at the main.WebUsePit

The road will be temporarily patched following the repair of the connection and a future closure will be scheduled in order to properly pave it.

The BGJWSC apologizes in advance for the inconvenience.