Regarding Pumping Station 2032 Project Upgrades Affecting Frederica Road Traffic

Despite our efforts to make the matter clear through our previous posting on December 30, 2016, Pump Station 2032 Initial Project Briefing, the Brunswick News reported on January 6, 2017 that the project will reduce Frederica Road to one lane. This was reported by the Brunswick News in error. Rest assured that the BGJWSC has no plans to reduce traffic on Frederica Road to one lane. All work on Frederica Road will be safely managed in the shoulder of the road outside of either lane, as was the stated plan. Our initial project briefing indicates side streets that will affected by the project and approximate time periods, dependent upon construction progress.

Please trust that any updates and/or deviation from these plans will be posted here prior to the commencement of each phase of work in order to keep you completely and accurately informed.