Project Info – Mainland Brunswick – Canal Rd Glynco Watermain Loop

  • Project Number: #704
  • District and General Location: North Mainland Brunswick service area between Brunswick Airport and FLETC
  • Total Budget: $1.2M
  • Anticipated Construction Start Date: Spring 2021
  • Anticipated Construction Completion Date: Summer 2022
  • Details: Project consist of nearly 9,000 linear feet of 12-inch watermain will be installed via open cut or trenchless directional drill method pending existing site conditions and constraints such as entrance ways.
  • Purpose: The purpose of the project is to eliminate dead ends where water can become stagnant from lack of use, improve water quality, and fire protection for JWSC customers.
  • Have More Questions? Please contact Derrick Simmons, Water Distribution Superintendent, by email here:

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