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Facilities Committee Meeting Minutes Friday, March 22, 2019

For your consideration, please read the minutes from the Facilities Committee Meeting held on Friday, March 22, 2019 at 8:30 a.m.

Facilities Committee Minutes 3-22-19 with Attachments

To read the minutes, please open or download the pdf from the link above, or your may see more below.

Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water & Sewer Commission

1703 Gloucester Street, Brunswick, GA 31520

Commission Meeting Room

Friday, March 22, 2019 at 8:30 AM 



Ben Turnipseed, Chairman

Steve Copeland, Commissioner

Bob Duncan, Commissioner

Jimmy Junkin, Executive Director                                            

ALSO PRESENT:                 

Donald Elliott, Commissioner

Janice Meridith, Exec. Commission Administrator

MEDIA PRESENT:               

Taylor Cooper, The Brunswick News

Chairman Turnipseed called the meeting to order at 8:35 AM.

Chairman Turnipseed provided the invocation.


There being no citizens that wished to address the Committee, Commissioner Turnipseed closed the Public Comment Period.


  1. Minutes from Facilities Committee Meeting March 8, 2019

Commissioner Copeland made a motion seconded by Chairman Turnipseed to approve the minutes from the Facilities Committee Meeting held on March 8, 2019.  Motion carried 2-0-1.  (Commissioner Duncan abstained; he was not present at the March 8, 2019 meeting.)

  1. Purchase Meters for Water Flow Testing Sea Palms

There is a proposed project to replace the water lines in Sea Palms East.  Due to the aged condition of the pipes and fire flow protection requirements, it is necessary to test the pipes for potential leaks.  This will be done by metering the two feed lines into the neighborhood and comparing those reads to the water meter readings for customers in the neighborhood.  Mr. Junkin advised that staff has researched this and it is expected that the two meters would cost up to $20,000 at the most to analyze the leakage in the system.  Mr. Junkin will provide the actual costs of the two meters at the next Facilities meeting, but will move ahead and start the procurement process.


  1. Update, Cost Estimate for Magnolia Park Water Line Replacement

Mr. Junkin provided that the engineer for the City’s Magnolia Park Water Line Replacement Project design is making the final JWSC and City revisions and has updated the project cost estimate as well.  The original budget was $1,150,000.  Using the unit prices from the “L” Street Project, the engineer’s cost estimate for this project came in much higher than budget on the two proposed alternatives. The full scope alternative, which includes the 12” main up Habersham, was estimated at $2,019,962; and the reduced scope alternative, removing the 12” main up Habersham, was estimated at $1,911,612.  The high cost estimates can be attributed to the “L” Street project using larger diameter lines that will be used in the Magnolia Park project along with several other differing details.  Final numbers will be obtained when bids are received for the construction.

  1. Report Presentation on North Mainland SPLOST Projects

Mr. Junkin reported on the North Mainland SPLOST Project and provided a map as requested with notations on the flows from the three phases of the project.  He also reviewed a chart as provided that indicated the Total Gallons/Day Capacities (before and after the corresponding phases) in dry weather and wet weather for each of the lift stations LS4006, LS4028, LS 4048, LS4110, LS4036 and LS4035.  Additional details were discussed by the committee.

  1. Update on Hydraulic Model of Sea Palms East – ADF, PDF, Fire Flows & ADF

Mr. Junkin reviewed the hydraulic model of the current and projected water and fire flows in the Sea Palm East neighborhood.  Three fire hydrants will incur increased pressure with the proposed alternative upgrades to the water mains.  The minimum requirement for pressure at hydrants is 20psi, and in their current state, none of the three hydrants are reaching the minimum requirement.  After the proposed upsizing to an 8 inch connection from Frederica, as well as a 6 inch upsizing to eliminate a 4 inch section on Palm the pressures at all three hydrants should far exceed the minimum required pressure.  The discussion continued to include the smoke testing in the area.  For the next Facilities Committee meeting Mr. Junkin will provide information as to if this area is to be included in the smoke testing, as well as confirmation of how many of the water and sewer lines have already been videoed in Sea Palms.  He noted that he has maps highlighting the lines identified as being in need of repair as well as pictures from the videos and will also provide those.

  1. Map Presentation/Discussion/Photographs of Manholes Scheduled for Rehabilitation and Manholes Rehabilitation

Mr. Junkin provided a map indicating the 116 manholes that have already been rehabilitated as well as the next 63 that are planned for rehabilitation in FY 2018-2019.  He included a spreadsheet with notations as to the issues with the remaining manholes planned for rehabilitation in the current fiscal year.  It is expected that these 63 should be completed by the end of June 2019.  Mr. Junkin will confirm if this portion of manhole rehabilitation is to be put out for bid.

  1. Southeast Pipe CCTV Studies, Videos (I&I, Sewer Rehabilitation in Academy Creek Basin) Mr. Junkin provided a map and pictures of the preliminary CCTV work currently in progress for the 2016 SPLOST North Mainland Phase II and III Project. It has been found that many of the line are in good condition and will not require as much rehabilitation as previously expected.  There are manholes requiring rehabilitation in the area.  Chairman Turnipseed inquired as to when I&I should be studied on the Mainland for the Academy Creek Basin.  Mr. Junkin commented that this is a high priority and staff is hoping to release an RFP sometime in mid-April for the Mainland I&I study.  Chairman Turnipseed suggested that if the pump run times were analyzed for those pump stations it could be determined which stations have higher I&I and perhaps use the JWSC camera crew to do the video of those areas.  Mr. Junkin will get with Andrew Burroughs to discuss this possibility and make a presentation or recommendation to the Facilities Committee.
  2. Update RFP for Providing Service to Unserved Areas

Mr. Junkin noted that this RFP has been released with the responses due next week.  He provided a copy of the RFP and also a map of the areas intended to be served.  Mr. Junkin also advised that the Arco community has reached out to him for information as to when their neighborhood could receive sewer services.  With the RFP responses due on March 27, Chairman Turnipseed asked if the recommendation could be ready for presentation at the next Facilities Committee meeting on April 3.

  1. WPCF Plant Flows Report

Mr. Junkin commented that there were no abnormal flows recorded for the past month at the treatment plants.  It was a relatively dry month and flows have gone down.  Commissioner Elliott questioned why the phosphorous content was so high in the month of February at Academy Creek.  Chairman Turnipseed noted it was high in December also, and including the influent.  Mr. Junkin will research the cause and report back to the Commissioners via e-mail with that information.  Mr. Junkin will discuss any out-of-range flows or issues in more detail with Superintendent Mark Ryals prior to future meetings.

  1. Project Report

Mr. Junkin provided and discussed the project report update with the committee.  Unsolicited proposal projects were also discussed, and the possibility of including a deadline for project dates.  Mr. Junkin will work on this with Todd Kline and come back to the committee with a recommendation.

  1. Ridgewood Water Production Facility

Mr. Junkin noted that the plans are complete for this project, and it is a 1,000 gpm Floridian Aquifer well.  The proposal is to add a ground storage tank and treatment systems to the existing Ridgewood Well.  The Miocene wells currently serving the North Mainland have been pushed and are very limited due to the expansion and growth in the NM area.  The project has a budget of $1,000,000.  Commissioner Duncan commented that he believes this project should be moved ahead on and brought to the full Commission for approval.

  1. Private Asset Policy for Smoke Testing Results

Mr. Junkin provided that this was intended to be more of a protocol that a formal policy.  There will be some homes that have defects causing I&I due to their asset condition.  The repairs could cost the homeowners up to thousands of dollars, depending on the issues.  This protocol will give the homeowners a better understanding of the issues and importance of the repairs.  Commissioner Duncan suggested that Mr. Junkin get with the County to discuss code enforcement, especially in the sense that it affects the County also, and they may incur more incoming calls from homeowners.  Mr. Junkin will get with Commissioner Neal and Alan Ours, Glynn County Manager to see if there is interest in working together on resources to assist with enforcing repairs on private assets.

There being no further committee business, Chairman Turnipseed adjourned the meeting at 9:52 a.m.

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