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Commission Minutes – September 17, 2015

For your consideration, please review the minutes for the Commission Meeting from September 17, 2015:


To read the minutes, please open or download the pdf from the link above or you may see more below:


Donald M. Elliott, Chairman

Clifford Adams, Commissioner

Thomas Boland, Commissioner

Allen Booker, County Commissioner

Ronald Perry, Commissioner

John A. Cason, III, City Commissioner

David H. Ford, Commissioner

ALSO PRESENT:                

Todd Kline, Senior Engineer

John D. Donaghy, Director of Administration

Tony Rowell, Legal Counsel HBS

Chairman Elliott called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM. Commissioner Perry provided the invocation, and Chairman Elliott let the pledge.


There being no citizens that wished to address the Commission, Chairman Elliott closed the Public Comment Period.

Commissioner Ford made a motion seconded by Commissioner Cason to add item #5 under Approval for Leak Adjustment Policy & Procedure. Motion approved 7-0-0.

Commissioner Boland made a motion seconded by Commissioner Cason to add item #6 under Discussion for EPD Approval Mariners Landing / Villas. Motion approved 7-0-0.

Commissioner Perry made a motion seconded by Commissioner Boland to add item #7 under Discussion for Hampton Point WPF Update. Motion approved 7-0-0.

Commissioner Cason made a motion seconded by Commissioner Boland to add item #8 under Discussion for Mansfield Street Update. Motion approved 7-0-0.


Commissioner Cason and Heather Ott, Teamworks, presented employees who are furthering their education and training. The first is the Georgia State Board of Examiners for Certification of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators now License the following: Blake Allen Crews, Water Operator Class 2. The next is David Grantham, Water Operator Class 3 and Water Laboratory Analyst.

Emergency Management Institute – FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) recognizes the following as dedicated to serve in times of crises through continued professional development and completion of the independent study course. These individuals have completed both the IS-100 and IS-700a courses. They are as follows – Jason Daniels, Lamar Ryals, Dale Gamble, Randall Stevens Fones, Jr, Willie J. Walker, Jr.


Communications & Customer Service Committee Commissioner Ford

There was nothing new to report at this time.

Economic Development Committee – Commissioner Elliott

There was nothing new to report.

Facilities Committee – Commissioner Perry

There was nothing new to report

Finance Committee – Commissioner Elliott

The committee did meet and handouts were discussed regarding unbilled water.

Human Resources Committee – Commissioner Cason

The Human Resources Committee have on the agenda Bylaws for approval.

Legislative Committee – Commissioner Boland

There is no report at this time and the committee is waiting to get with the delegation.


Minutes from the September 3, 2015 Regular Meeting.

Commissioner Perry made a motion seconded by Commissioner Boland to approve the minutes from the September 3, 2015 regular meeting. Motion carried 7-0-0.

Minutes from the September 3, 2015 Executive Session Meeting.

Commissioner Perry made a motion seconded by Commissioner Boland to approve the minutes from the September 3, 2015 Executive Session. Motion carried 7-0-0.

 Commissioners Approval of the Bylaws – Tony Rowell

Tony Rowell, Legal Counsel for Hall, Booth, & Smith, presented the Bylaws for approval. He stated that effort has been made to organize the selection of legislative or, otherwise policy, that governs the operations of the authority.  This set of bylaws can be utilized on the day to day operation and can be amended and dealt with subject to other needs of the board.  Most is a consolidation and brings it together in one place. There was a question regarding sections 4.1 and 4.3 and there was discussion.  It was noted that these items need to be addressed through local legislation.  It was recommended to approve today and follow up with the legislation that supports this as it may be a legitimate issue and needs addressing.  The Commission requests that Legal Counsel update the bylaws and to be in accordance with the way in which the commissioners were appointed and in a manner of how the law states it has to be done.

Commissioner Perry made a motion seconded by Commissioner Cason to accept the Bylaws and be adopted as policy and request that Legal Counsel update the bylaws for removal of commission on the accordance with the way in which they were appointed and in a manner in which the law states it has to be done.

There was further discussion regarding the Non-Collusion policy of vendors and Commissioners.

Motion was approved 7-0-0.

Cyber Liability Insurance Policy – Zane Goldthorp, INSUREtrust

Discussion of the Cyber Insurance began with INSUREtrust on April 28 through McGinty Insurance. There was further discussion regarding security policy for our server. It was suggested to have JWSC IT consultants discuss with INSUREtrust on how they differentiate in addition to this policy. There was discussion regarding JWSC insurance and if it reflects what the organization is doing in order to protect itself from Cyber threats.  The Chairman proposed to table for discussion and have the next Finance Committee review and then to the full Commission.

Commissioner Perry made a motion seconded by Commissioner Cason to table for discussion until the Finance Committee can review and management can prepare the application. It was recommended to have the Facilities Committee, INS Consultants and the Legal Counsel review.

Motion was approved 7-0-0.

Leak Adjustment Policy & Procedures – Luke Schwalm

Luke Schwalm updated the commissioners on the Leak adjustment brochure. The Water and Sewer ordinance is effective October 1ST and the brochure will be mailed out to the customers on the next outgoing bill.  The presentation is to implement the use of the brochure.  Further discussion stated this presentation is internal steps to implement as a procedure and is not for approval and needs to be a discussion item.


Pinova Update – Angela Walker

Angela updated the Commissioners on Pinova Holdings and stated that JWSC is still missing several pieces of information previously requested. At this point the staff will hold off on any recommendation until further notice.

Property Conveyance Update – Julie Eddins

Julie Eddins of Hall, Booth & Smith stated they are working on the JWSC City and County Conveyance properties for JWSC. This project includes 248 properties in which 138 have already been conveyed.  There is concentration on those remaining properties still in the name Glynn County and the City of Brunswick and getting them transferred into the name of JWSC.  The original bond referendum dated 2010 for this project was $334,854.82 and to date the remaining balance is $94,097.17.  There is an anticipated need to survey at least 50 properties with additional recording fees and it appears the original amount for this conveyance project was under budgeted.  The purpose for this update is to let the commissioners know that the remaining balance will not, in all likelihood, cover the remaining work anticipated to complete this project.

R&R Project Update – Todd Kline

Todd Kline presented the R&R Project handout and described the listing and costs, etc.   It was requested that the Finance Division group these projects against the balance.  This report was recommended to be presented at the next Facilities Committee Meeting.  

Open Records Request Terry Creek – Todd Kline

Todd Kline updated the Commissioners on the background of Terry Creek and the proximity to Pinova. The concern is that they are on shallow wells.  We requested records from EPD via the Open Records Act to see if there are any records of testing and none were found.  JWSC was referred to the Atlanta Office and legal council is researching further.

ISO Rating – Derrick Simmons

Derrick Simmons updated the Commission on the ISO (Insurance Service Office) rating. Last year Chief Mobley of the Brunswick Fire Department stated they had an ISO rating coming up and wanted to meet with JWSC on some issues.  JWSC took it a little farther and invited both the county and the city fire departments, both public works departments, GIS, and the 911 Center to our office to discuss items needed for the upcoming ISO rating inspection.  Some of those items addressed were: areas of concern for needing fire protection like Terry Creek, Whitlock St, Marshes of McKay and Sterling Industrial Park area; Several fire hydrants were taken out of service that did not meet code; Several FH were serviced and brought back into service; valves were marked as needing replacing and were properly shown on GIS.

Through the efforts of these 5 organizations the City of Brunswick was awarded the highest level ISO-1 recognition. This rating is an elite group of about 100 Fire Departments across the country and less than 10 in Georgia. As well as being an honor to the 5 entities it will ultimately help our citizens and businesses save on fire insurance policies.

EPD Approval Mariners Landing/Villas – Todd Kline

Todd Kline updated the Commissioners on the Mariners Landing / Villas at Gascoigne. These developments were currently waiting to be approved through the state.  It was in record time that JWSC received letter for all three projects.

Hampton Point WPF Update – Mike Fields

Mike Fields, Senior Inspector for JWSC, presented to the Commissioners a slide presentation of the Hampton Point WPF. Mr. Fields explained the site and the construction material used for the 100k gallon tank.  There was additional discussion including cost and inspections.   It was recommended for all Commissioners to visit the site or any project when possible.

Mansfield Street Update – Todd Kline

Commissioner Cason updated the Commission stating there were problems with the Mansfield Street project where the funding had come up shy. During the City meeting last evening it was stated the City Commission has become very creative and found the funding to do the entire project on Mansfield Street.  It was stated the contract time will take approximately 270 days to complete.


Todd Kline updated the Commissioners on the Executive Directors updates. The new building Complex Project will be completed within next 60 days.  Three parties are interested in the IT building.  Grand Jury Appointments are on schedule.  Commissioners are encouraged to attend the Aaron Mitchell meet and greet Tuesday.  Meeting with James Holland, River Keeper went well.  New Procurement Tech selection has been made.  North Hampton Plantation Water Production Facility is on schedule.  ATM is proceeding with Master Plan.  John Donaghy and HR have hired temps that will be transferring data.  Angela Walker will be sending a letter to Sea Island Company on requirements.



Commissioner Perry made a motion seconded by Commissioner Boland to close the regular meeting and adjourn to Executive Session to discuss potential litigation. Motion carried 7-0-0.

There being no additional business to bring before the Commission, Chairman Elliott adjourned the open meeting at 4:00 pm.

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