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Commission Minutes – October 1, 2015

For your consideration, please review the minutes for the Commission Meeting from October 1, 2015:


To read the minutes, please open or download the pdf from the link above or you may see more below:


Donald M. Elliott, Chairman

Clifford Adams, Commissioner

Thomas Boland, Commissioner

Allen Booker, County Commissioner

Ronald Perry, Commissioner

John A. Cason, III, City Commissioner

David H. Ford, Commissioner

ALSO PRESENT:                

Stephen A. Swan, Executive Director

John D. Donaghy, Director of Administration

Charles A. Dorminy, Legal Counsel

Chairman Elliott called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM. Commissioner Perry provided the invocation, and Chairman Elliott let the pledge.


There being no additional citizens that wished to address the Commission, Chairman Elliott closed the Public Comment Period.

Commissioner Boland made a motion seconded by Commissioner Perry to add item #5 under Approval for CVS Roof Contract. Motion approved 7-0-0.


Financial Management Process & Cost Recovery – Andy Burnham, Burton & Assoc.

Andy Burnham presented to the Commissioners and explained the comprehensive rate study process and setting the annual rates in four steps. First of the four steps are understanding the cost requirements and then second is allocating those costs to customers, developing an alternative rate structure, and finally Analysis & Outreach.  These costs allocations and rate design elements have been well defined by BGJWSC operational agreement.  There would be a process of public education and outreach upon conclusion of evaluation of needs.  These would include town hall meetings, two public hearings and workshops where outcomes are discussed.  The first part of updating revenue requirements of the system is the primary focus.  Burton & Associates will work with the staff in January and February and run through analysis and projecting over five and ten year budgeting to understand funding sources. The Master Plan results provide data that is critical to the financial management planning process.  It will provide growth and population projections in addition to unit cost information. The modeling process will be very critical this year to explore funding concepts for the capital improvement needs.  One of the things to look as is the realistic opportunities for grants and SPLOSTS monies for some of the projects.  Additional funding strategies were discussed: Debt Financing, One-Time Charges, and Rates’Pay-Go’.  The next steps & estimated schedule was provided and discussed.  To move forward ATM / Four Waters will be providing information on the Master Plan in the next two weeks.  The REU’s are planned to be discussed in the Finance Committee on October 20th.  The adjusted fees and penalties which are under budget need to be addressed now and it is suggested by Mr. Burton that we could go forward with them.  An updated dashboard of rates is requested that would compare to other areas within 300 miles.  A debt review was requested by Charles Dorminy for the County and the City debts and to be kept separate as compared to our operational agreement.  There was additional discussion on the debt of projects shared with BGJWSC and the County and debts with BGJWSC and the City of Brunswick.  Mr. Swan stated there are two areas of growth in the North Mainland of the county that capital tap fees will come in quicker.  It was suggested to look at BGJWSC’s ability to implement an impact fee as the driver will most likely be growth related capital.  Charles Dorminy reiterated that BGJWSC does not charge any developmental impact fees.  Andy Burnham confirmed that is true.  There are just fees for the small piece right outside the home but nothing for the backbone infrastructure. The Chairman stated items to be discussed at the October 20th Finance Committee are FY2016, Updated Impact Fees, and REU discussion.


Communications & Customer Service Committee Commissioner Ford

There was nothing new to report at this time.

Economic Development Committee – Commissioner Elliott

There was nothing new to report.

Facilities Committee – Commissioner Perry

The Committee did meet and several items are on the agenda. Julie Eddins, HBS, provided an update on the Bond Conveyance stating in prior meeting it was noted that the funds may run short to complete the surveys.  It was discovered that the survey costs should be on budget and the firm is hopeful the costs will stay under the bond balance remaining.

Finance Committee – Commissioner Elliott

There is nothing new to report.

Human Resources Committee – Commissioner Cason

There is a meeting scheduled for the 12th at 10 AM

Legislative Committee – Commissioner Boland

There is a meeting scheduled for the 15th at 1 PM.         


Minutes from the September 17, 2015 Regular Meeting.

Commissioner Perry made a motion seconded by Commissioner Cason to approve the minutes with any revisions or changed necessary from the September 17, 2015 regular meeting. Motion carried 7-0-0.

Minutes from the September 17, 2015 Executive Session Meeting.

Commissioner Perry made a motion seconded by Commissioner Cason to approve the minutes from the September 17, 2015 Executive Session. Motion carried 7-0-0.

Abbington Woods Easement& Utility Acceptance – T. Kline

Todd Kline, Senior Engineer, presented the recommendation for acceptance as was discussed at the Facilities Committee. The Infrastructure was completed last year and we now have all information necessary. Mr. Kline summarized the memo provided.  The development is served potable water via a centrally routed water main. The Owner of Record has submitted a Letter in Intent and Application for Dedication of Water/Wastewater Systems for the Abbington Woods on-site water system and on-site sewer system.  The said Owner of record recognizes and accepts the responsibility for correcting any and all system defects that may occur or be found during the operation of the system for a period of 2 years from written date of acceptance.  The easement documents along with the required plats and legal descriptions have been prepared, executed, submitted and approved as to form by the BGJWSC Attorney.

Commissioner Boland made a motion seconded by Commissioner Perry that the accept the on-site water system and on-site sewer system along with associated easements within the Abbington Woods development as public infrastructure for ownership, operation and maintenance.

There was discussion on costs associated with manpower that warrants an FTE provision and a good recommendation moving forward.

Motion was approved 7-0-0.

Refurbishing of Sludge Dryer Approval – P. Crosby

Pam Crosby, Director of Purchasing, presented the recommendation for approval of the contract for repairs to the Academy Creek Sludge Dryer which was presented at the last Facilities Committee. Pam summarized the memo and stated the Sludge Dryer has been inoperative since March 2015.  The original service provider, A.I.T. Services of Brownwood TX was contacted to provide an estimate for repairs.  A.I.T. visited the facility in May and provided a quote in June.  The quote did not included equipment needed and required BGJWSC to provide.  As a result the decision was made to conduct an RFP on this repair project.  To date, costs exceeding $157,000 thousand dollars have been incurred in hauling fees of the sludge waste to an approved landfill from all (3) WWT facilities.  The RFP was released and A.I.T Services spoke with BGJWSC and indicated they would not be submitting a proposal due to travel expenses, etc.  There were two bids received and found both maintain local offices.   After reviewing both proposals, Allen & Graham, Inc. and Milton J. Wood Co., the staff recommends moving forward with the local contractor, Allen & Graham, Inc. and utilizing A.I.T. Services for consultation and be completed within (30) days. There was additional discussion as to the drawn out timing to repair.  It was stated that the company A.I.T. took a lengthy time to respond and also a consideration of a long term maintenance agreement with the new contract. The fuel used for the Burner is natural gas and transportation of the sludge in on a contract.

Commissioner Perry made a motion seconded by Commissioner Boland that BGJWSC enter into a contract with Allen & Graham in the amount of $98,032.00 for repairs to the Academy Creek Sludge Dryer.

Motion was approved 7-0-0.

CVS Roof – S. Swan / J. Combs

Steve Swan updated the commissioners on the CVS Roof. He stated we entered into a contract with Harper Construction and then into a contract modification for the CVS roof which was needed to be refurbished and unexpected and unforeseen corrosion was discovered. During construction the roofing contractor has worked through provisions to keep CVS open at all times. Joe Combs provided updated pictures of extremely dire conditions and stated areas need to be replaced.  The structure itself is in good shape and is sound.  It was stated it will take 2 – 3 weeks to be complete.

Commissioner Boland made a motion seconded by Commissioner Cason to approve the change order for the work to be done on the CVS roof in the amount of 53,613.64. Motion was approved 7-0-0.


Property Insurance Reduction on Facilities – S. Swan

Mr. Swan updated the Commissioners on the facilities Insurance and he consulted with the engineering group, ATM, asking for property to be surveyed. ATM stated they were not able to come close to the quote JWSC was provided.  Mr. Swan asked for Burnham and Assoc. to research this subject and see if other utility companies are excluding lift stations on their property insurance.

Permitting NPDES Status Update – T. Kline

Todd Kline updated the Commissioners on the NPDES for permitting on a North Mainland water treatment facility. The Four Waters document was discussed and was noted there would need to be more growth in order to justify the purchase of the property.  The SPLOSTS funds and possible reallocation of the funds were discussed.  Mr. Swan stated he would like to sit down with the county, commissioners and legal firm to discuss.

WRMAC Committee Meeting – P. Crosby

Pam updated the Commissioners on the Water Resources Management Advisory Committee (WRMAC) of Glynn and that it in effect years ago. The plan is to have it on Monday October 19th here in the Commission Meeting Room.  The official invitation meeting request went out to the large water users group, approximately 15 organizations.  There will be representation of the EPD and US Geological Survey with a brief presentation each.  There will also be a representative from the Economic Development Authority to present a history of WRMAC.  There will be a Q & A period to ask question.  There will be a follow up meeting in two to four weeks.  Mr. Swan thanked Pam for her diligence in getting this going and organized.

Result on ORR Terry Creek Shallow Wells – C. Dorminy

Charles Dorminy updated the Commissioners on the recent findings of test results from EPA (Federal Agency) in 1996 showing traces of benzene and other items that are above the limits. Our original request of records to the DNR and EPD (Georgia Agency) did not show the most recent findings.

Intra-governmental Relations – Chairman Elliott

Commissioner Elliott discussed maintaining good relations with the City Commission and the County Commission. The new water production facility remains in the name of the County for the last five months and the recent news article were discussed.   There are several projects that the county and BGJWSC are working well together and getting things done.  It was stated that our Master Plan has been pending due to the hold up of this water facility.  It was stated that the county is working to get the punch list items completed that BGJWSC is requesting.




Commissioner Cason made a motion seconded by Commissioner Boland to close the regular meeting and adjourn to Executive Session to discuss potential litigation. Motion carried 7-0-0.

There being no additional business to bring before the Commission, Chairman Elliott adjourned the open meeting at 3:55 pm.