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Boil Water Advisory in North Brunswick – July 19, 2016


Boil Water Advisory

As of 9:45 p.m. on Tuesday, July 19, 2016, water service has been interrupted for more than four hours in the vicinity of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, affecting the water quality in areas of north Brunswick, including Waverly Pines, Glynco Parkway, Chapel Crossing Road and sections of Altama Ave.

Following the repair of a broken water main within the FLETC property earlier tonight, the JWSC staff has discovered that, due to lack of pressure in the lines, chlorine levels have dropped to a point which may be described as bordering on hazardous to those with weakened immune systems. Water mains will be flushed by the crews that are onsite but you may find debris and air in the line during initial usage.

If you are aware of your service being interrupted tonight, even momentarily, the following steps must be taken to ensure your health and safety:

Those with compromised immune systems, the elderly and those serving water to small children are being asked to boil water before use if you are in the affected area. There is a strong possibility of bacterial contamination in the drinking water system that could make you sick.

If a discernible odor is present when the tap is turned on, run water from the tap for a minimum of 5 minutes to flush any potential contamination from the line.

This boil water advisory is in effect until further notice. Updates will be given on this website as well as an alert being sent to the media on service conditions within 24 hours.

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