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Atlantic Dr, Glynn Haven, SSI – Sewer System Upgrade Progress

The BGJWSC is presently performing a sewer upgrade in the Glynn Haven area of St. Simons Island. The work is being completed under contract with a construction company and inspections are being regularly performed by BGJWSC staff. The following is a summary of the work that is being done along Atlantic Dr. and a schedule for completion.

There is currently an 18″ gravity sewer main running down the south side of Atlantic Dr. that was installed many years ago. This main is made of clay pipe and is in poor condition. It is one of two main sewer runs that take raw sewage to the Dunbar Creek Waste Water Treatment Facility and needs to be brought up to today’s standards. The homes along Atlantic Dr. are either on a septic system or tied onto the 18″ sewer pipe. The plan is to install a brand new 8″ gravity sewer pipe and related manholes on the northern side of the road and connect the homes to this new sewer system. Each home site will have a sewer lateral stubbed out to the property line at the right of way.

As you may have already seen, the existing road was milled in place from Frederica to Sixth Street and the new sewer system has already been installed from Frederica Rd to Third St. The crew is now in the process of installing the main from Third St to Fourth St. Upon completion of this new system, it will be tested and accepted by BGJWSC. The homes will then be tied on. The roadway will also be graded and paved. It was stressed to the contractor that the new road will not be installed any higher than it was previously but may be installed slightly lower. However, we will make sure the connections to the driveways match this new grade.

New connections will be made to the sewer system, allowing you to continue receiving service without interruption. As work progresses down Atlantic Dr., the contractor will be looking around each home site to determine the location of the existing sewer connection under the house. They will make every attempt to catch the home owner before or after work to help identify this sewer pipe. In many cases, the sewer pipe is buried under bushes or landscaping. It would be extremely helpful if the home owners are prepared to point out where each sewer pipe is located in order for the contractor to line up the new sewer lateral with the old.

During all this work, the contractor will be providing traffic control. Sections of Atlantic Dr. where the pipe work is being installed will be closed to thru traffic but all residences affected by the closure will be able to gain access to their homes. Home owners may inform the contractor if they have any special needs that must be met in order to be able to get in or out of their driveways. The contractor will also deliver the home owner’s garbage cans to the garbage truck in sections where the road is closed.

The contractor has provided the BGJWSC with a schedule and proposes to finish the sewer pipe and manholes by June 12th, grade the roadway and import stone base by June 23rd, and pave from the 24th to the 26th, weather dependent. Soon after the paving of Atlantic Dr., a new contractor will mobilize to rehabilitate the 18″ sewer pipe. There will be several large trucks that will clean and video the system and insert a fiberglass sleeve from manhole to manhole, allow it to cure in place (which does not take very long) and will rehabilitate the existing manholes. The contractor will need to temporarily set up a by-pass pumping system from one stretch of manholes to another, which will include a large pump and pipe laid on top of the ground. Residences along the south side of the road may have limited access to their driveways while this work is being performed. This rehabilitation work, which should provide little disruption to the residences, will ensure the system will last another 50 years.

The BGJWSC has stressed to the contractor that dust control must be enforced. Debris cleanup has been consistent, traffic has been properly routed, but there may be some inconvenience during the installation process. The BGJWSC appreciates your patience and understanding during this project and will keep you informed if any significant delays arise.

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