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Special Called Meeting – February 25, 2014

For your consideration, please review the minutes for the Special Called Meeting from February 25, 2014:


To read the minutes, please open or download the pdf from the link above or you may see more below:


Dale Provenzano, Chairman                                      

Tom Boland, Commissioner                                      

John Cason, City Commissioner                                     

Sandra Dean, Commissioner                                      

Donald Elliott, Commissioner                                      

Ronnie Perry, Commissioner


David Ford, Commissioner

ALSO PRESENT:          

John Donaghy, Chief Financial Officer                                      

Desiree Watson, JWSC Attorney                                      

Barbara Rogers, JWSC Acting Clerk                                      

Stephen A. Swan

Chairman Provenzano called the meeting to order.

Chairman Provenzano stated the meeting was called to address the Executive Director’s contract and asked if Commissioners had any discussion prior to his calling for the vote.

Commissioner Perry made a motion seconded by Commissioner Boland to approve the Executive Director’s contract with Mr. Stephen A. Swan, effective immediately, and authorize the Chairman to sign.  Motion carried 5-0-1. (Commissioner Dean abstained).

There being no further business to bring before the Commission, Chairman Provenzano adjourned the meeting.