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Legislative Committee Minutes – March 27, 2014

For your consideration, please review the minutes for the Legislative Committee Meeting from March 27, 2014:


To read the minutes, please open or download the pdf from the link above or you may see more below:


Dale Provenzano, Chairman

Tom Boland, Commissioner

John Cason, Commissioner

Desiree Watson, JWSC Legal Counsel

ALSO PRESENT:    Steve Swan, Executive Director

John Donaghy, Director of Administration

Barbara Rogers, Clerk

Chairman Provenzano called the meeting to order.

Chairman Provenzano requested Mrs. Watson review the changes proposed in the drafts to the Local Act, the Operating Agreement, and the City of Brunswick ‘s and Glynn County’s Code of Ordinances.

Local Act

Mrs. Watson reviewed each of the proposed changes to the Local Act, including the requirement to submit a proposed budget to the county and city for their comments prior to May 1 of each year and provide for a fund to solicit and accept donations to assist low-income residential customers in financial hardship or low-income.

Commissioner Cason made a motion seconded by Commissioner Boland to approve the proposed draft to the Local Act, with identified changes, move forward to the full Board of Commissioners.  Motion carried 3-0-0.

City and County Ordinances

Mrs. Watson reviewed each of the proposed changes to the Ordinances, including landscape irrigation meters and penalties, design and construction standards, deposit refunds, leak adjustments, and public hearings to increase variable rates.

After discussion, Executive Director, Steve Swan, was requested to have staff develop language addressing leak adjustments to billing.

Operational Agreement

Due to time limitations, the Operational Agreement will be reviewed at the next meeting of the Legislative Committee scheduled for April 10, 2014 at 9:00 am.