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Human Resources Committee Minutes – November 3, 2016

For your consideration, please review the minutes for the Human Resources Committee Meeting from November 3, 2016:


To read the minutes, please open or download the pdf from the link above or you may see more below:


Johnny Cason, Chairman

Donald Elliott, Chairman

Thomas Boland, Commissioner

Jimmy Junkin, Executive Director           


Allen Booker, Commissioner

ALSO PRESENT:               

Cindy Barnhart, TSI

John Donaghy, Chief Financial Officer

Pam Crosby, Director of Procurement

Chairman Cason called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM.


There being no citizens that wished to address the Committee, Chairman Cason closed the Public Comment Period.


Minutes of September 1, 2016 Human Resources Committee Meeting

Commissioner Boland made a motion seconded by Commissioner Elliott to approve the minutes from the Human Resources Committee Meeting on September 1, 2016. Motion carried 3-0-1 (Commissioner Booker was absent for the vote).


Christmas Gift Cards – F. Wilson

Frances Wilson presented the discussion on the Christmas Gift cards. In the past the Commission provides a Walmart Gift Card to the employees as an expression of thanks.   The gift card has been in the amount of $25.00.  The total cost for 145 cards would be in the amount of $3,625.00 and would include 138 employees and 6 temporary staff and includes 1 extra for possible new hire. The cost is a budgeted line item under employee benefits.

Commissioner Elliott made a motion seconded by Commissioner Boland that the Human Resources Committee approve providing the employees a gift card in the amount of $25.00 to Walmart and move the item to the full Commission for approval. Motion carried 3-0-1 (Commissioner Booker was absent for the vote).

These will be handed out on the first payroll on December 9th.

Commissioner Elliott made a motion seconded by Commissioner Boland to add the JWSC Holiday Luncheon on the agenda for discussion. Motion carried 3-0-1 (Commissioner Booker was absent for the vote).

Job Corps MOU for Work-Based Learning Program – P. Crosby

Pam Crosby discussed the Job Corps, Dept. of Labor, MOU as a formal agreement. The MOU outlines the existing relationship.  The insurance portion was briefly discussed as the students are covered under the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA).  It was noted that legal counsel has reviewed.  The timeline of the program was discussed regarding students and their requirements.  The Work-Based Learning contact would be Jonathan Watkins and a briefing was requested of Job Corps to help the Commission understand agreement.  The need for a JWSC coordinator was discussed.  It was requested this be addressed in the staff meeting first and that Cindy, Pam and Mr. Junkin would get together and discuss further.  It was noted that this is a very good program and that Job Corps is very appreciative of their partners.

JWSC Holiday Luncheon – F. Wilson

Frances Wilson updated the committee on the Holiday Luncheon that is planned for Wednesday, December 14th and will be held at the Howard Coffin Park Building.  The Holiday committee is led by Janice Meridith and it was stated that all of the food options are being discussed.


Mr. Junkin discussed the PIO position and stated that the job has been placed in the trade magazines which should be receiving feedback soon. JWSC is considering organizational restructuring to facilitate efficient use of our resources.


Commissioner Cason stated that promotion from within is the way to advance an organization. Future topics to discuss would be cooling off period that needs addressing.  Advertisements in front of building is a good place to present nicely as people pay their water bills.  There was recently a job fair at the Department of Labor that TSI attended on behalf of JWSC.  This week there is a job fair at the college that Baylie Lane and Jay Sellers attends.  It was asked if there was a job / career path document that a new employee could follow where they could take advantage of the educational opportunities.  It was noted that TSI will look into further.  The subject of where and how to acquire interns was discussed.  Commissioner Cason brought up the discussion about naming the breakroom after a person that has worked for the organization.  Those that were present agreed that it was a good idea.

Commissioner Elliott made a motion seconded by Commissioner Boland to close the meeting. Motion approved 3-0-1 (Commissioner Booker was absent for the vote).

Meeting was adjourned at 10:42 am.


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