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Human Resources Committee Minutes – August 17, 2015

For your consideration, please review the minutes for the Human Resources Committee Meeting from August 17, 2015:


To read the minutes, please open or download the pdf from the link above or you may see more below:

Present:                     John Cason, Chairman

                                   Thomas Boland, Commissioner

                                    Allen Booker, Commissioner

                                    Steve Swan, Executive Director

 Also Present:              Donald Elliott, Commissioner

                                    John Donaghy, Chief Financial Officer

                                    Charles Dorminy, Legal Counsel\

Meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM by Commissioner Cason.


There being no citizens who wished to address the Commission, Chairman Cason closed the Public Comment Period


An update to the minutes from the July 2, 2015 meeting under Discussion was requested.

Commissioner Booker made a motion and seconded by Commissioner Boland to adopt the minutes as amended for the July 2, 2015 regular Human Resources Committee Meeting. Motion carried 3-0-0.

Mr. Swan introduced Pamela Crosby, the new Director of Purchasing, to the Committee. Mr. Swan stated she came highly recommended and welcomed her to JWSC.

Commissioner Booker made a motion seconded by Commissioner Boland to add item #3 to the agenda regarding Advertisement in Paper.


 Bylaws Review:

Charles Dorminy began the discussion with the updated bylaw handouts. Section 4.1 Composition of the Commission which addressed the commissioners pay and reimbursements. Mr. Dorminy stated the City and County Appointed Commissioners compensation will need to be addressed by the city and county legislation. The Elected Commissioners compensation will need to go through the JWSC legislation and all could be effective at the same time but would not be until 2017. It was stated the Commissioners spend much of their time working on issues and in meetings. Mr. Swan stated the average time a commissioner spends is approximately 20 hours per week and could be double that for the appointed positions serving 2 commissions.  There was additional discussion regarding compensation and allowances.

Section 6.6 Public Hearing – Mr. Dorminy noted that any changes made to the bylaws are required to be changed in the legislation. Public Hearings were discussed and noted that 2 separate hearing locations were required for increase notices. Hearing notices need to be listed in the paper and the website.

Section 6.10 Quorum – There was discussion on what JWSC should make as a quorum and it was agreed that 4 Commissioners make a quorum.

The Code of Conduct document was discussed and noted that previous updates were made.

The Committee Responsibilities document was discussed and amended. It was requested that the document be more specific on the Human Resources Committee by adding review of Workers Compensation and Health Insurance, and quarterly claims reviews.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance 5.4

Mr. Swan updated the Committee on the Safety Counsel and stated the insurance companies do not attend the meetings but are made aware of the Safety Counsel & TOES Committee’s activities and pro-active approach.

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance 5.4 document was discussed. There were changes made to this document which included an employee signature at the bottom and will be kept in employee personnel file.

The State Board of Physicians poster was discussed. This poster hangs in the employee breakroom and lists the contracted physician and facilities regarding work related injuries.   Mr. Swan stated these physicians are recommended by the Zenith Group and should be reviewed by the JWSC Human Resource Committee each year. Mr. Swan continued with the employees rules on work comp injuries and they are to be followed and stated in the employee handbook. Mr. Dorminy is to make the necessary changes and all of the Commissioners agreed.

Paper Advertisements

Mr. Swan updated the Commissioners on the employment advertisement in the paper. Mr. Swan stated the current employment ad was removed for 3 weeks and there was a noticeable decline in interest. The add lists 10 employment opportunity slots and can be changed out or marked thru at any time.   He continued stating the cost is significantly less.


There being no other business to bring before the Committee, the Chairman adjourned the meeting at 11:22 am.

The next Human Resources Committee meeting is scheduled September 3rd, 2015 @ 10 am.