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Facilities Committee Minutes – November 12, 2015

For your consideration, please review the minutes for the Facilities Committee Meeting from November 12, 2015:


To read the minutes, please open or download the pdf from the link above or you may see more below: 

PRESENT:                  Ronnie Perry, Chairman

Clifford Adams, Commissioner

David Ford, Commissioner

Todd Kline, Senior Engineer

Steve Swan, Executive Director

ALSO PRESENT:       Donald Elliott, Commissioner

Chairman Perry called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM.


There being no citizens who wished to address the Commission, Chairman Elliott closed the Public Comment Period.


Minutes from October 8, 2015 Facility Committee meeting.

Commissioner Ford made a motion seconded by Commissioner Adams to adopt the minutes of the October 8, 2015 Facilities Committee meeting. Motion carried 3-0-0.

Award of Pest Control – P. Crosby

Pam Crosby explained the RFP that was issued on October 1st for Pest Control Services.  The Memorandum explained that site visits were conducted at nine (9) of the facility locations. The table of vendors and their quotes were listed in detail.  The staff recommendation was presented and explained Yates-Astro was the lowest bid for services and previously serviced the Academy Creek and SSI Harrington office locations on an on-call basis.  The length of the initial agreement will be for the remainder of the 2016 fiscal year at which time an evaluation will determine if a renewal is in order for one (1) additional year.  The BGJWSC awards the contract to Yates-Astro in the amount of $1,330.00 for the remainder of the 2016 fiscal year.

Approval of Video / Audio Recording Equipment – P. Crosby

Pam Crosby explained that the staff was tasked with finding a solution to capture audio and video recordings of the Commission meetings in the Commission Chambers.  The memorandum provided explained that Tutela Communications and Integrated Network Solutions consulted with JWSC to determine the most effective and efficient way to capture this information.  Tutela provided the solution of adding three (3) cameras which would offer both audio and visual in a combined file.  The audio would be fed from the existing microphone set up.  The current audio recorder used by the Commission Clerk would be a backup method for audio for all BGJWSC meetings.  By adding the additional component of video, the marketing options and fees associated with this additional capability of the meeting space increase the amount of potential revenue to be generated.  The BGJWSC accepts the proposal from Tutela Communications in the amount of $4,222 to purchase and install a (3) camera system in the Commission Meeting Room.  The question was asked if the audio will be available to transmit to the hearing impaired.  It was stated that JWSC will look into.

Approval of Commission Chambers Rental Rates – S. Swan

Steve Swan explained to the committee that there have been several inquiries to rent the Commission meeting room.  There have been some law offices interested in using the meeting room.  The prices were discussed and were deemed competitive with the exception to the after hour charges of $50 per additional hour.  There will be limits to the areas/rooms used and available.  The rental agreement will be drawn up by Charlie and HBS.

LS 2030 Progress Update – T. Kline

Todd Kline updated the Commissioners on the Lift Station 2030.  Popco has submitted the contract amendment proposal.  The boring has been delayed and should be mobilized next week.  The change order will be within the Exec. Directors authorization limits.  Mr. Swan has asked for a change in the progress meetings to happen more often and will include time of contract, time spent, time remaining, dollars spent, dollars remaining, and any status of change orders needs to be discussed.  If the contractor is behind schedule they will have 10 days to submit their revised schedule.

Director’s Update

Meeting adjourned at 5:13 pm.