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Facilities Committee Minutes – January 14, 2016

For your consideration, please review the minutes for the Facilities Committee Meeting from January 14, 2016:


To read the minutes, please open or download the pdf from the link above or you may see more below:

PRESENT:                  Ronnie Perry, Chairman

Clifford Adams, Commissioner

Robert Bowen, Commissioner

Todd Kline, Senior Engineer

Steve Swan, Executive Director

ALSO PRESENT:       Thomas Boland, Commissioner

Chairman Perry called the meeting to order at 3:00 PM.


There being no citizens who wished to address the Commission, Chairman Perry closed the Public Comment Period.


Minutes from December 10, 2015 Facilities Committee Meeting

Commissioner Adams made a motion seconded by Commissioner Bowen to adopt the minutes of the December 10, 2015 Facilities Committee Meeting. Motion carried 3-0-0.


Academy Creek Immediate Repairs to Load Plate Brackets – S. Swan

Steve Swan updated the committee on the present condition of the Academy Creek building requiring immediate repair.   This is the Systems Pumping and Maintenance facilities.  He provided details and a slide presentation showing the 68 decayed brackets securing the building structure.  The staff is waiting on budget numbers and drawings from the contractor.  The pictures indicate concrete and caulking erosion.

Commercial Sellers Listing Agreement on JWSC Properties – P. Crosby

Pam Crosby updated the Commissioners on the property marketing summary and timeline provided by Driggers Realty. The committee also had the property listing and agreement in hand to review will expire in March.  There was discussion of possible reduction of listing price by 10% and the current agreement.  The committee recommended to place an RFP together and place the listing out for proposal / BID.  It was noted that JWSC is not bound to stay with the appraised value price.

Update on Lift Station 2032 & Proposed Regional Fire Well – S. Swan

Steve Swan provided an update on the 2032 Lift Station. The map discussed the area which included of Sea Palms West.  The streets have been inspected and the pictures showed where there have been many I & I problems (which have been reduced).  JWSC has updated the horsepower from 220 to 247 pumps.  Mr. Swan shared pictures of just 20 % of what was found at Sea Palms West which included: clear water (I&I problem), corrosion, gaskets exposed, broken pipes, and disconnected lines.  Systems Pumping and Maintenance crew are working hard to fix with point repairs and many lines will eventually need to be replaced.  Inspectors are vital and needed to make assessment on the lines.  It was noted there are currently 42 projects being worked on.   Ms. Swan addressed South and North Harrington development areas noting there are 257 possible homes being planned.  Gravity lines were proposed for the area to include Glynn County Park and behind it.  Currently 2032 is controlling all the waste from the north end of the island to an 8” line to the Dunbar Creek WWTF with no gravity tap on Frederica.   This poses a problem with capacity with the expected development.  The plan is to take a list station and provide a gravity line.  Additional development in the area that needs sewer were discussed.  The gravity sewer proposed would eliminate 7 lift stations.  There have been many involved in this plan.  The lift station will be big enough to have a 14” directional bored force main dedicated to the north end of the Island.  ATM is currently working on the pricing to show the cost savings.

Proposed Abandonment of 6” Hampton Plantation Fire Well – S. Swan

Mr. Swan updated the committee on the North Hampton Plantation Water Production Facility by contractor Southern Champion. Sapp well drilling has provide rehabilitation of the well.  Within 30 days it will be up and running.  This fire well started pumping sand about a year ago and damages the motor and burns it up.  Information was provided showing GIS maps.  Various items like the eye wash safety features and chlorine closet can be used at another facility.  The staff suggest getting an appraisal value and selling to the golf course or decommission it and cap the well.

Property Designation for SSI Airport Well and Water Production Plant – S. Swan

Mr. Swan discussed the SSI airport well and water production plant. It was noted that this is one of the properties that has not been designated to JWSC.  A map was shared for the committee and noted that a survey was provided by Shupe Design.   There are two ground storage tanks and a well across the road.

Property Reallocation of SPLOST 5 Funds for Atlantic/Holly Street Sewer Line Rehabilitation Project – S. Swan

Ms. Swan updated the committee on the sewer rehabilitation that will provide current residents with aging septic systems and low pressure grinders pumps with a more efficient way of treating waste water.   The sewer improvements include installation of approx. 3,100 linear feet of 8” and 10” gravity sewer lines with service provisions along Holly St., Maple St., and Second Ave. on St. Simons Island.  The gaining street would be Atlantic.  The connection with the sewer to the public sewer line with proposed work would include full road paving and replacement.  This project would be good to co-ordinate with the county to avoid tearing the street up at one time.   The SPLOST 5 items were discussed as approving of rehabilitation of sewer lines in unincorporated Glynn County as needed.  It was designated for the Atlantic project but was not allowed for the project.   There is currently 561k designated for this budgeted item.  Commissioner Bowen discussed additional items regarding this SPLOST item.

Proposed Reallocation of SPLOST 5 Funds for Mainland WWTF – S. Swan

Mr. Swan discussed the SPLOST item named as Site Permit and Design Mainland Waste Water Treatment Plant. This item explains planning and working with JWSC for the site which has allocated 1.5M budgeted.  There have been receipts from ATM and Brown and Caldwell for permitting which was paid by JWSC.  There are three sites that are permitted and approved by the EPD and there is criteria on which we are to pursue.  The North Mainland WWTF showing Academy Creek which is running at 44%.  If the I & I problems are corrected if could be down to 33% and there should be no need for an additional plant.  By the budget remains from the county as of 10/31/15 there was 1.4M left in the account and it is recommended to re-designate and use towards sewer projects. This facility can be maintained cheaper and service the public.  There are several recommendation in the proposed master plan of things that are in serious or critical condition that need to be addressed right away.

SPLOST 5 Water Line Rehabilitation Project Alder Circle – S. Swan

Mr. Swan discussed with the committee on the water line rehabilitation. Under and agreement with Glynn County and JWSC is to survey and engineer to replace a 2” fire line in Sea Palms East on Alder Circle.  This 2” lines provides fire protection and supplies water to the houses.  The money allotted for this project is 178K and should be drawn up in the next two weeks. There is not enough pressure on the line if a house should catch fire.  The map showing the area was discussed.

Final Draft Master Plan Workshop (January 28th, 2016) – S. Swan

Mr. Swan updated the committee on the plan for staff to meet with 4 Waters. The 10 most critical lift stations will be identifying.  He explained that several items will be changing like 2030 that will be complete soon and 2039 that was completed mostly by in house and upgraded.   The master plan will go out electronic after the review and update with 4 Waters and staff.

Tradewinds – S. Swan

Mr. Swan updated the committee on the Tradewinds area off exit 42/HWY 99 near the rest stop on Interstate 95. A meeting is planned with the developers for this project. They have proposed to help fund or solely fund with a payback system on placing a water pumping system facility with an elevated water tank.  There is a 12” water line but does not provide adequate pressure to suffice overhead fire protection. There was discussion on the donation of the land and the easement and a logo to be placed on the water tank.

Director’s Update

Meeting was adjourned at 4:13 pm.

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