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Facilities Committee Minutes – April 7, 2015

For your consideration, please review the minutes for the Facilities Committee Meeting from April 7, 2015:


To read the minutes, please open or download the pdf from the link above or you may see more below:

Present:                     Ronald Perry, Committee Chair

                                    David Ford, Commissioner

Also Present:           Steve Swan, Executive Director

                                    Donald Elliott, Commissioner

                                    Thomas Boland, Commissioner

                                    John Donaghy, Finance Director

                                    Todd Kline, Planning & Construction Senior Engineer

                                    Kirk Young, System Maintenance                              

Not Present:   Clifford Adams, Commissioner

Chairman Perry called the meeting to order 2:00 PM


Commissioner Ford made a motion and seconded to adopt the minutes for the February 12, 2015 minutes. Motion carried 2-0-1.


Marketed Property (2300 Gloucester St.) Update: Robert Driggers presented a market summary for the sale of the property located at 2307 Gloucester Street.

Staff recommendation for award of bid for Sanitary Sewer Basin 2030: Todd Kline updated the Commission on the recent bid for the contract. Staff’s recommendation is to award the contract. Todd also mentioned that JWSC, ATM and the contractor were proposing some items for value engineering that would be a cost savings to JWSC for this project.

Commissioner Ford made a motion seconded by Commissioner Perry to accept the recommendation and move the acceptance to the Full Commission. Motion carried 2-0-1.

Whitlock Street Fires: Executive Director Steve Swan made the commission aware that there have been at least 4 fires on Whitlock Street over the last 2 years. This area currently is not

served by JWSC water nor sewer. Todd Kline and his staff are investigating options of servicing this area with water and fire protection and should have a budget estimate put together within the next two weeks on a proposed cost.

Water Main Connection for North Mainland District: Todd Kline presented that staff has found a water main connection that had never been completed for the prior city and Glynn County water systems. Todd Kline presented that to connect the two systems would only require installing 1,000 LF of 12” Water Main, which would be installed adjacent to only 3 properties. By looping these two systems, it would provide better and reliable service to the Perry Lane Road area and a majority of the customers adjacent to both the west and east sides of I-95. Staff is to provide more information and project estimate of cost. JWSC customers within this area have experienced 3 water outages within the last 12 months due to both systems do not tie to each other.

Landscaping Contract Update: Kirk Young updated the Committee on the bids received for the Landscape Project. Concerns for the lack of pesticide, herbicide and other licensing were not processed by the low bidder. It was discussed that the RFP did not address these items and that staff will recommend at the next commission meeting to reject all bids, redefine the terms of the RFP and re-advertised the RFP for landscape services at a future date.

There being no other business to bring before the Committee, the Chairman adjourned the meeting.

The next Facilities Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 14, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Meeting adjourned at 3:02 PM.

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