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Commission Meeting Minutes – Thursday, August 18, 2022

For your consideration, please read the minutes from the Commission Meeting held on Thursday, August 18, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. in the Commission Meeting Room.

Commission Minutes 8-18-22 with Attachments

To read the minutes, please open or download the pdf from the link above, or you may see more below.

Brunswick-Glynn Joint Water and Sewer Commission

1703 Gloucester Street, Brunswick, GA 31520

Thursday, August 18, 2022 at 2:00 PM 



G. Ben Turnipseed, Chairman

Bob Duncan, Vice-Chairman

Charles Cook, Commissioner

Wayne Neal, Commissioner

Tripp Stephens, Commissioner

Kendra Rolle, Commissioner

Chad Strickland, Commissioner

ALSO PRESENT:                  

Andrew Burroughs, Executive Director

LaDonnah Roberts, Deputy Executive Director

David Owens, Director of Finance

Todd Kline, Director of Engineering

Jason Vo, Project Manager/Design Engineer

Charles A. Dorminy, HBS Legal Counsel

Janice Meridith, Executive Commission Administrator 

Chairman Turnipseed called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM.

Chairman Turnipseed provided the invocation and Commissioner Strickland led the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Chairman Turnipseed opened the public comment period.

There being no public comment, Chairman Turnipseed closed the public comment period.

EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION – Chairman Turnipseed / Todd Kline

Hung Manh Vo (Jason Vo) – Water Distribution Operator Certification

Chairman Turnipseed presented Jason Vo with his certificate for Water Distribution Operator.  Jason recently completed the course requirements and assessment to receive his licensure to perform as a certified water distribution operator.  The Chairman congratulated Jason and expressed his pleasure with this staff member’s accomplishments and continuing his education to improve his abilities while doing an excellent job at JWSC.


Facilities Committee – Chairman Turnipseed

Chairman Turnipseed reported that the Facilities Committee had met the previous day at 1:00 p.m.  The committee approved the property acquisition for PS4044, an IGA with Glynn County, two dedications, the purchase of generators which are 80% funded by FEMA, boring services contract for six months with renewal options, and a change order for the Academy Rehab Project.  The Water Production Report and WPCF Plant Flows Report both indicated that operations are doing a great job and the facilities are producing very well.

Finance Committee – Commissioner Duncan

Committee Chairman Duncan reported that the Finance Committee meeting was held on the previous day at 3:00 p.m. The committee approved updating the banking authorizations, renewing the annual flood insurance, and approving the acquisition of the property for PS4044.  “Sales” revenues were higher than budgeted, which is likely affected by the fact that tourism is at 13% over last year for this area. “Other” revenues were also up.  The Financial Report looked good and indicated that JWSC remains in a strong financial position.


  1. Minutes from the July 21, 2022 Regular Commission Meeting

Commissioner Duncan made a motion seconded by Commissioner Neal to approve the minutes from the July 21, 2022 Regular Commission Meeting.  Motion carried 7-0-0

  1. Banking Signature Card & Authorization Changes – L. Roberts

Mrs. Roberts introduced Mr. David Owens to the Commissioners.  Mr. Owens has accepted the position and responsibilities of the Director of Finance for JWSC. This necessitates adding him to the Truist banking signature and authorization cards, as well as the JWSC investment accounts at Synovus.

Commissioner Duncan made a motion seconded by Commissioner Strickland to move that the full Commission approve that the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the JWSC continue to be authorized to execute the necessary banking resolution and signature cards with Truist Bank, and that the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director and Director of Finance be authorized signatories on the Truist bank accounts and Synovus Investment accounts of the JWSC.  Motion carried 7-0-0.

  1. Annual Flood Insurance Renewal – L. Roberts

Mrs. Roberts advised that the annual renewal date for flood insurance is July 31.  McGinty-Gordon & Associates provides broker services for this coverage in addition to the liability and property coverages which were approved for renewal by the Board at the March meeting. A review of the insured values, policy coverages, deductibles and claims processed has been conducted to make any changes that would be more advantageous from either a risk or cost perspective.  McGinty-Gordon & Associates has conducted the proposal process and received premium quotes from which the current insurers offered the best rates.

Commissioner Strickland made a motion seconded by Commissioner Cook to move that the Board approve flood insurance renewal rates as listed in the attached memo provided by staff.  Motion carried 7-0-0.

  1. Pump Station 4044 Property Acquisition – C. Dorminy

Mr. Dorminy advised that Pump Station 4044 is in need of rehabilitation and that the current location is not suitable.  JWSC staff proposed relocating the station to a parcel to the immediate east of the existing parcel, owned by PrimeSouth Bank.  An appraisal and survey of the .029 acre parcel, which will include an access easement through the parking lot of Prime South Bank, were obtained.  The parcel is already encumbered by existing easements which will benefit the proposed use and diminishes the appraised value.  JWSC staff recommends purchasing the parcel from PrimeSouth at the appraised value of $4,725.

Commissioner Duncan made a motion seconded by Commissioner Neal to move that the Brunswick-Glynn Joint Water and Sewer Commission approve the purchase of the PrimeSouth parcel and authorize the Chairman to execute any and all documents necessary to complete the purchase.  Motion carried 7-0-0.

  1. Glynn County Animal Control Facility Lease IGA Amendment – C. Dorminy

Mr. Dorminy recalled that JWSC is leasing the former Animal Control Facility and using it as an administrative office and as storage for the ongoing system-wide meter replacement project.  JWSC is not using the building g on the property, and the County desires to use it including possible use by the Glynn County Police Department for training and special operations. By implementing the changes as detailed in Amendment No. 1, the JWSC will lease only unimproved portions of the Premises along with a number of improvements.  The facility will continue to serve the JWSC as storage for the system-wide meter replacement project.

Commissioner Duncan made a motion seconded by Commissioner Cook to move that the Brunswick-Glynn Joint Water and Sewer Commission approve the Intergovernmental Lease Agreement with Glynn County for the lease of the former Animal Control Facility and authorize the Chairman to execute the same.  Motion carried 6-0-1. (Commissioner Strickland abstained due to possible conflict of interest.)

  1. Infrastructure and Easement Dedications – T. Kline
  • Lanes-N-Games Bowling Alley – Water Infrastructure
  • 412-414 Hawkins Island Drive – Sewer Easement

Mr. Kline presented the request for acceptance of the Water Infrastructure at the Golden Isles Lanes-N-Games Bowling Alley and the Sewer Easement at 412-414 Hawkins Island Drive.  The Owner of Record for each portion of the infrastructure and easement as described within has submitted legal documents to: 1) define and execute the transfer of ownership; and, 2) convey an easement for access and maintenance.  All requirements of the JWSC Standards for Water & Sewer Design and Construction and Development Procedures have been met, and all related documents submitted. Staff recommends acceptance and approval of the described water infrastructure and sewer easement.

Commissioner Neal made a motion seconded by Commissioner Cook to move that the Brunswick-Glynn Joint Water and Sewer Commission approve these projects with associated Dedications and Easement.  Motion carried 7-0-0.

  1. Equipment Purchase – FEMA-Funded Generators – A. Burroughs

Mr. Burroughs stated that this project is funded in part by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security Hazard Mitigation Program.  On July 22, 2020, the JWSC award of HMGP 4338-0035 was approved for the purchase and installation of eight (8) fixed generators for the BGJWSC to ensure continuity of critical services to the community. The total approved cost was $1,357,735 with a federal share of $1,018,301, a state share of $135,774, and a local share of $203,660.  The Recipient-Subrecipient agreement for the program award was approved and executed in November of 2020.  There are eight (8) JWSC locations that were approved under this agreement for the stationary generators to be placed.   Initially, the project scope was for a turnkey solution performed by a single contractor who would provide the equipment and installation services for a turnkey project.  During the final project evaluation and development process, information received indicated that the lead times on the generators would be nearly a year in some instances due to current and anticipated future supply chain delays.  Based on this, the staff decision was to split the project into two (2) phases with Phase One being the actual direct purchase and delivery of the generators with Phase Two being the installation by an external contractor.  The grant award will require both a budget increase and time extension from GEMA based on the current market conditions.  Additionally, JWSC staff has submitted an application for project HMGP-4400-0035 for sixty-seven (67) transfer switches and five (5) portable generators that is pending approval.  Based on the delays and additional costs of the current twenty-two (22) transfer switch project, the HMGP-4400-0035 will also require both a budget increase adjustment and time extension. It was advisable to include the five (5) portable generators as part of the solicitation to determine the increased costs and timeline to address the pending application.  Based on the estimated and awarded budget amounts, it was assumed both grant awards will require both budget increase amounts and time extensions from GEMA which staff has addressed with GEMA.  However, without actual bid amounts and timelines for these two variables of the overall project cost and timeline could not be confirmed. The IFB included both the purchase of the eight (8) stationary generators and the five (5) portable units.  Bids were received on August 1, 2022 from Cummins, Inc. (in the amount of $1,893,826.19) and Yancey Power Systems (in the amount of $2,321,500.00), with lead times varying from 52 weeks to 82 weeks, depending on the equipment and manufacturer.  Staff recommends that JWSC move forward with the purchase of eight (8) stationary and five (5) portable generators to continue work progress under the requirements of the approved HMGP-4338-0035 subrecipient agreement and the pending HGMP-4400-0035 award.  Once approval is made and purchase orders have been issued for the equipment, JWSC will be able to request both budget increase adjustments and time extensions from GEMA for both HGMP projects.

Commissioner Duncan made a motion seconded by Commissioner Cook to move that the Brunswick-Glynn Joint Water and Sewer Commission approve the purchase of thirteen (13) generators with Cummins, Inc., in the amount of $1,893,826.19.  Motion carried 7-0-0.

  1. Contract Award – On-Call Boring Services – A. Burroughs

Mr. Burroughs stated that outsourcing of boring services is needed to increase efficiency in the repair and replacement of existing galvanized water mains in heavily congested areas.  JWSC Engineering and Operations identified the following elements needed to fulfill the requirements for boring services:

  • Services to be performed by the selected contractor include the following four sizes: 2”, 4”, 6” & 8”
  • JWSC will purchase and provide the piping materials
  • Selected contractor will furnish all labor, tools, equipment, and incidentals to bore complete in place pipes
  • Selected contractor will schedule the boring work within three weeks of purchase order approval by JWSC
  • All permits (including traffic control with City of Brunswick or Glynn County) will be the responsibility of the selected contractor

Three bids were received on July 19, 2022 with the apparent low bidder being D and C Directional Boring, LLC.  Due to the market’s current challenges with staffing and mobilization costs, the term of the pricing will remain in effect for six (6) months after the commencement of the contract for the on-call services.  Boring services that are components of larger scale projects will continue to be procured as parts of those overall projects and not included as part of this contract.

Commissioner Strickland made a motion seconded by Commissioner Duncan to move that the Brunswick-Glynn Joint Water and Sewer Commission award a contract to D and C Directional Boring, LLC as listed in the attached bid tabulation.  Motion carried 7-0-0.

  1. Academy Creek WPCF Rehab Change Order No. 2 – A. Burroughs

Mr. Burroughs provided that at the May Commission meeting, the JWSC approved Change Order No. 1 for the Academy Creek WPCF Rehab Project which requested adjustment of the funding and a time extension.  Over the last two months additional items have been found that need to be addressed to facilitate successful project completion. Three of these items are to modify the influent guide rails for odor control cover installation, the installation of conduit for future usage to facilitate the US and RAS improvements, and to install a sump pump control panel and audible alarm at the filter structure. The total for these three changes is $28,927.00. Staff also requested Ruby-Collins to provide a price for repaving the roadways in the plant. Several road patches have been made during construction and it would benefit the plant to be repaved. Ruby-Collins provided pricing to complete the repaving in the amount of $398,204.00.  Repaving of the plant was not included in the original scope of work.  Ruby-Collins is requesting a change order in the amount of $427,131.00 to complete these items.  There also remains a handful of vendor related items that are awaiting correction prior to project completion. This includes refabricating a portion of the odor control covers that were incorrectly measured by the vendor (no cost to JWSC), installation of a power supply panel to power the hydraulic lid on the sludge offloading facility (no cost to JWSC), and replacement of electronic components with the bar screens (no cost to JWSC), along with a handful of punch list items to be completed throughout the plant. Ruby-Collins has asked for a time extension of 92 days to complete the repaving and remaining punch list and vendor related items.  If approved, the updated substantial completion date would be October 31, 2022. This project is being funded by a GEFA Loan.

Commissioner Duncan made a motion seconded by Commissioner Strickland to move that the Brunswick-Glynn Joint Water and Sewer Commission approve Change Order No. 1 for the Academy Creek WPCF Rehab project in the amount of $427,131.00 and approve a time extension of 92 days for Ruby-Collins, Inc. to complete the project. Motion carried 7-0-0.

  1. Pump Station 4110 Pumps Purchase – A. Burroughs

Mr. Burroughs stated that Pump Station 4110 is located on Harry Driggers Boulevard and near the entrance to the kayak launch and skate park located at the North Glynn Recreational Complex.  This station receives flow from the Harry Driggers Boulevard area and the areas along Highway 99.  This station has seen tremendous ragging issues over the past several months, and one of the existing pumps actually had a shaft snap from the increased torque. The other pump was pulled for inspection and appears to have reached the end of its useful life as well.  Based on the combination of price and availability of the bids received, staff recommends purchasing pumps from Gorman Rupp.  The Gorman Rupp pumps are above ground mounted suction lift pumps, use above ground valve and discharge piping which eliminates the need to upgrade the existing valve pit. The current valve pit includes 6” valves and is very tight. This station needs to be upgraded to 12” valves and discharge piping, which will occur above the ground with the suction lift setup. The existing valve pit will be demoed and used as a pad for the new suction lift pumps. The cost to install a new valve pit is not included in the costs noted above for the submersible pumps.

Commissioner Cook made a motion seconded by Commissioner Strickland to move that the Brunswick-Glynn Joint Water and Sewer Commission approve the purchase of two new pumps for Pump Station 4110 from Templeton & Associates in the amount of $129,500.00.  Motion carried 7-0-0.

  1. Financing Resolution – VacCon Trucks (4) Lease/Purchase – A. Burroughs

Mr. Burroughs recalled that as part of the Fiscal Year 2023 budget process, approval was granted to JWSC staff to purchase (4) VacCon Trucks from Adams Equipment to replace the existing vacuum truck fleet.  He noted that this was discussed at the Finance Meeting on the prior day.  After that meeting Mr. Burroughs did more research and found that based on timing and the useful life of VacCons, the breakeven point would be in one year with specific conditions which he further explained. The costs of the (4) vacuum trucks include a trade-in value of $125,000.00 for each unit with a net total finance amount of $1,458,992.00.  Staff solicited proposals for financing options from Adams Equipment, Key Government Finance, and Truist Financial Corporation.  As part of the loan documentation required for closing, a formal resolution with the specific language as required.  Legal counsel has completed a review of the resolution and staff recommends that JWSC move forward with the financing of four (4) VacCon vacuum trucks through Truist Financial Corporation.  The rates provided by Truist are the lowest and JWSC has had good success in the execution and administration of lease agreements with this organization in the past.

Commissioner Duncan made a motion seconded by Commissioner Strickland to move that the JWSC Commission approve the financing resolution in the amount of $1,458,992.00 on a 5-year term rate with Truist Financial Corporation as listed in the attached provided by staff.  Motion carried 7-0-0.


Mr. Burroughs expressed his gratitude to the Commissioners for all of their recommendations and approvals on projects and other items for JWSC.


Commissioner Cook noted that the new JWSC website is up and running, is more modern, and easier to navigate.  He thanked Mr. Burroughs and Mr. Sellers for all the work on the new site.


Chairman Turnipseed commented on state fiscal funds and on the $1.9M grant JWSC received for the installation of UV equipment at Academy Creek.  JWSC will be applying for additional grants in the future.  The Chairman commended Mr. Burroughs and the staff for all of their efforts.


There was no Executive Session

There being no additional business to bring before the Commission, Chairman Turnipseed adjourned the meeting at 2:46 p.m.

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