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…what life would be like without water. How would beginning your morning without a shower, toilet, or a cup of coffee impact your entire day. Water is an essential resource used throughout the community. Without water, businesses, public offices, even hospitals would have to close. Crops wouldn’t grow and firefighters would be left unable to put out fires. Every person in the world relies on water.

Many of us take water for granted during our daily routines. The BGJWSC is proud to join over 1,000 organizations to help bring awareness about the value of water. Imagine a Day Without Water 2020 is the sixth annual day to educate the public on one of our most precious resources: Water.


If you live in the Golden Isles area, join us on October 21, 2020 in raising awareness about the value of water.

What Can You Do?

The average American uses around 300 gallons of water per day, most of which occurs indoors. Being water cautious and conserving water in your daily routine is the best way to help. Take a look at your daily indoor water usage:

Learning to implement water conservation methods into your life is key in reducing the amount of water you use. Here are some helpful ways to reduce water usage with your indoor appliances:

Toilet: 33 gallons per day
The toilet is the most used appliance throughout the day. But how can you possibly conserve water with something that is absolutely necessary?

          • Upgrade. Older homes may have a toilet that is not up to current government standards. A low-flow toilet can save nearly 2/3 the water of outdated toilets.
          • Flush only what needs to be flushed. Use the toilet only for what it was designed to do and refrain from throwing trash or object and flushing them away.

Shower: 28 gallons per day
Showering is an essential part of the day, so please don’t stop. But, while you are showering use these tips to conserve water.

          • Shorten your showering time. This may seem simple, but taking quicker showers is a sure fire way to reduce your water usage.
          • Upgrade. Installing a modern low-flow shower head can help cut water usage by nearly half, which saves you money in the long run.

Faucet: 26 gallons per day
Faucets are used constantly throughout the day. From doing dishes, to brushing your teeth, to cooking, and washing your hands. Keep an eye on how long you are using faucets each time you turn them on.

          • Turn the water off when not necessary. Turn the faucet off between uses such as brushing your teeth or prepping food, or even when washing your hands, can reduce your water usage.

Washing Machine: 23 gallons per day
The average American family washes about 300 loads of laundry per year. That’s a lot of lost socks. Washing your close cautiously can help conserve water for your household.

          • Fully load the washer. Make sure the washer is at full capacity before starting the cycle. This will cut down on loads and water usage.
          • Use the wash cycle best for the job. Be sure you have the correct wash cycle selected for your load size or fabric and also using cold water instead of warm or hot will reduce the amount of wasted water.

Leaks: 17 gallons per day
No one likes to have leaking pipes or appliances, but it does happen. 12% of water usage per day is caused by leaks. That certainly is wasting water.

          • Check your appliances. Leaking appliances are one of the main culprits of wasting water in the home. Be sure to take a look at your toilets, faucets, and water heaters to prevent or stop leaks.
          • Get Leaks Fixed. If you have a slow leak or suspect a leak somewhere on the property, get it fixed or call a plumber that can get it fixed for you.

Imagine a day without water. Doing your part now can help prepare for the future. Water is our most precious resource and must be protected. Join the BGJWSC in raising awareness for Imagine a Day Without Water 2020.