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Water Distribution

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Our water distribution system comprises three groundwater systems, each with its own network of interconnected distribution piping, water production facilities, elevated storage and ground storage tanks. These systems are located in the Mainland of Glynn County (former City of Brunswick and northern Glynn County systems), southern Glynn County and on St. Simons Island.

Our primary raw water source is the Upper Floridan Aquifer, a limestone formation that runs under the entire area of Glynn County and extends to the south. A supplemental source of raw water is the Lower Brunswick Aquifer. Water is drawn from the aquifers using 14 water production facilities with 17 active wells and four on standby should the need arise.

Water treatment consists of aeration to replenish oxygen, chlorination to inhibit bacterial growth, and phosphate injection to inhibit corrosion in the pipes. Treatment is performed at each water production facility or well site. Production facilities are equipped with emergency generators or are set up to accept portable generators to provide service during electrical power outages. The water distribution system includes 459 miles of distribution mains and nine elevated storage tanks and 11 ground storage tanks, with a combined total capacity of more than 8 million gallons.

The water distribution system covers 90 percent of the area with the city limits, and 35 percent of the county. Areas not served by the BGJWSC are served by individual wells and private water systems. Jekyll Island and Sea Island have their own water systems.

You may find it helpful to view presentations from various members of our staff given to members of the Commission during our 2017 Orientation.

Key Staff Contacts


Derrick Simmons

– water outages, main breaks, service line leaks, leaking fire hydrants


Alvin Hall
Crew Supervisor

– water outages, main breaks, service line leaks, leaking fire hydrants


Denise Fields
Administrative Assistant

– water outages, main breaks, service line leaks, leaking fire hydrants

The BGJWSC ensures system reliability and efficiency by adherence to a program of day-to-day maintenance and long-term Asset Management.

Day-to-day activities are primarily focused on system repairs and response to water and sewer emergencies.

Asset Management is a comprehensive program designed to monitor and evaluate overall system operations, identify areas needing major repairs or replacement, and strategically plan for system growth.

Backflow Prevention

All water service connections made into our systems require a device designed to prevent backflow and backsiphonage of contaminants.  More information regarding these requirements is available here: Backflow Program

More Information

The following article has been developed to give your more information about how our system is maintained:

What is a Water Main Break?

These and other questions will be answered in our FYI series, available here: For Your Information along with our FAQ.

If you have a specific question that you would like more information on in order to benefit yourself and our community, please feel free to contact Jay Sellers at 912.261.7123 or email jsellers@bgjwsc.org.

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