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Sanitary Sewer Overflow in Brunswick – April 24, 2017

Please view the attached notification for details of a sanitary sewer overflow that occurred on Harry Driggers Blvd in Brunswick on April 24, 2017, with the details listed below:


The Brunswick Glynn Joint Water & Sewer Commission NPDES Permit GA0025313 in accordance with aforesaid permit and DNR Regulation 391-3-6-05 Emergency Actions, hereby make Public Notification of a wastewater spill that was reported on Monday, April 24, 2017 from a broken force main.

Date of Spill: 04/24/2017

Time: 11:36 A.M.

Location of Spill:
Harry Driggers Storm Ditch Line
622 Harry Driggers Blvd
Brunswick, Georgia 31525

Cause of Spill:  A force main within the collection system broke due to a material defect and caused a sewage discharge from the ground located at 622 Harry Driggers Blvd, sending 3,000 gallons of raw sewage into the storm drain ditch line. This flow into the Altamaha Canal resulted in a fish kill of approximately 62 fish consisting of catfish, brim and minnows.

Estimated volume of discharge: Approximately 3,000 Gallons

State Waters Discharged: Discharged into the Altamaha Canal.

Corrective Action Taken:  The JWSC construction, lift station and vacuum cleaning crews worked in unison to repair the force main as quick as possible for minimal impact. The JWSC placed notification signs along the storm drains and Altamaha Canal. JWSC laboratory staff will continue to test this area.  The EPD was notified, local authorities and the Glynn County Health Department District Environmental Health Manager.

For any additional information, please contact Kirk Young, Superintendent of the Systems Pumping and Maintenance Division, Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water and Sewer Commission at 912-261-7152.

April 2017 Water Meter Upgrade Servicing Schedule

In April, the following areas will see changes to their water meter setup:

  • The Landings at Golden Isles
  • The Villas at Golden Isles
  • Turtle Creek
  • Timber Ridge

If you live within or in the vicinity of one of the neighborhoods listed above, the meter used to keep track of your water consumption is going to be serviced this month. Due to the nature of this work, the crews that perform the upgrades are the same technicians that may get called out for water main leaks or new service installations, making the process timing sporadic. As a result, we are unable to notify you of the exact date or time that your individual meter will be replaced.

Our field staff will make an attempt to notify you when they are onsite preparing for the replacement. Your meter box may be replaced during the upgrade, as we will also be installing a check valve, known as a back flow preventer, requiring a longer setting within the box. This back flow preventer is required on every service connection by national plumbing code to protect your water supply from contaminants that may be exposed to the water mains.

Your meter box cover will be painted blue. Though we read all meters by radio transmitter, being able to quickly identify the location of this meter is vital to performing regular maintenance. You may also see a concrete ‘donut’ painted blue will be placed around any water main valve box in the area. This ring helps crews respond as quickly as possible during leak repairs by making the valves easy to identify.

You may also see a new blue circular cap on the side of the meter box facing your house. Under this cap, you will find a hand valve that can quickly and easily be used to isolate your house from the water in the event that you have a leak inside the house or on the service line. This will be of great benefit to you if you need to stop the flow quicker than our emergency crews can respond.

Approximately 20 gallons will be used during flushing prior to the crew completing the work and moving on to the next house. This flushing at an outside spigot will help ensure that any dirt, pipe debris, and pipe glue has been removed before making its way into the plumbing of your home. The water may be cloudy when you first turn on your sink, but it will be clear within two to three minutes. If you see any drop in pressure or erratic flow at your sink faucet, please remove the strainer and check for any remaining debris. The strainer should then be put back on the faucet.

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience caused by the temporarily outage and the changes that will be made within the utility easement area. We will make every attempt to flush debris and protect your landscaping. If you have any service related concerns following this upgrade, please feel free to contact us.

2017 Commissioner Orientation Day Presentations

In an effort to expose our elected and appointed commissioners to all facets of the processes and procedures that we follow at the BGJWSC, staff held a series of presentations that we referred to as Commissioner Orientation Day. These meetings, which occurred on both February 2nd and 16th of 2017, were recorded to serve as a training aid for both new staff and new commissioners. As they may be of interest to the public as well, the videos are now available on our YouTube channel and linked below.

Any comments or questions that you may have can be directed to the speaker featured in the presentation, to a commissioner or to our Public Information Officer, Jay Sellers. Contact information is available here:

The videos of the 2017 Commissioner Orientation Day are as follows: Continue reading

Industrial Pretreatment Permits Drafted for Public Review and Comment

The Brunswick-Glynn Joint Water & Sewer Compliance & Legislative Committee has approved the release of five new industrial draft permits for public review and comment. These permits have been drafted pursuant to the Code of Federal Regulations, 40 CFR Part 403, the Glynn County Water Use Ordinance, Article III & the City of Brunswick Water Use Ordinance, Article III. The industrial pretreatment permits outlines the steps the industries will follow in treating and monitoring their wastewater discharge as well as the steps Brunswick-Glynn Joint Water & Sewer Commission will follow in enforcing the regulations on permitted Industrial Users to the Sewage treatment plants.

A copy of the five industrial pretreatment permits are available to be viewed by the public at the main office of the Brunswick-Glynn Joint Water & Sewer Commission, 1703 Gloucester Street, Brunswick, GA 31520.  The permits will be available for public review and comment between the hours of 9 AM and 3 PM, Monday through Friday, until April 22, 2017.  Any citizen interested in reviewing the draft industrial pretreatment permits and/or commenting on them may contact Angela Walker, Pretreatment Compliance Coordinator at Academy Creek Wastewater Department at 912-261-7143 to arrange a time for reviewing the permits or visit the main office and ask to view them.

These drafts are also available for download here in the Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format:

KING_PERMIT_Effec May-1-2017C
RICH_FINAL PERMIT_Effect May-1-2017C

Check Fraud Situation


The BGJWSC was the victim of fraudulent financial transactions between May and June of 2016. During that time, $40,986.96 in unauthorized transactions was charged to us via counterfeit checks and ACH payments. Our banking services provider, BB&T, assumed responsibility for covering all charges as a benefit of our contract with them and the BGJWSC was not held responsible for any of the loss.

This fraud was perpetrated by using the routing number and account number from one of our authorized checks intercepted by persons of interest. Any payment made by check is potentially exposing you to the same risk.

How were we made aware of the fraud?

BB&T Bank notified the BGJWSC Finance Division staff regarding a suspicious duplicate check number at the end of May, 2016.

How quickly did the BGJWSC react?

Our staff immediately responded by researching all recent payments to determine validity of the transactions.

How many paper checks were forged?

Three fraudulent paper checks were presented for payment and accepted by the bank. These charges were applied to our account but reversed by July, 2016.

How many ACH transactions occurred?

Thirteen ACH transactions were created. These charges were applied to our account but reversed by July, 2016.

There were more attempts made beyond this amount which were rejected by the bank automatically.

What indications are there that this fraud has crossed state lines and involved the FBI?

As the matter is under local investigation, we are unaware of FBI involvement and cannot comment.

Has the suspect been identified and the funds accounted for?

The BGJWSC has been informed that, as the case is ongoing and the BGJWSC has no further stake in the matter, reconciling the lost funds will be coordinated between investigators and BB&T Bank.

Were we adversely affected in any way, whether short or long term?

This happened so quickly that every bona fide payment sent was honored and no fees were assessed to the BGJWSC. Every recipient expecting an authorized check from us received the funds as they expected to.

What safeguards are now in place to prevent the fraud in the future?

As of June, 2016 when the fraud was identified, we activated an arrangement with our banking services provider, BB&T, which involves reporting the payee, amount and check number of all checks issued. We receive notification from the bank on any transaction that is unauthorized, giving us the opportunity to approve or reject suspicious transactions.

To protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation, any other details regarding the persons of interest and recovery of the funds is being communicated between the City of Brunswick Criminal Investigation Division and BB&T Bank and cannot be discussed.

Printable Press Release: Check_Fraud_Situation

Videos of Open Customer Relationship Town Hall Meetings

I’m encouraged by the light turnout at our first series of quarterly town hall meetings.  Members of our commission and staff met with the public at Brunswick’s Howard Coffin Park recreation center on Wednesday night and at the St. Simons Island Casino on Thursday night. As we only had three citizens attend on both nights and only received questions via email from four citizens that were unable to attend, that’s a clear indication to me that your concerns have either been met by our other customer service efforts or you are satisfied with the level of service that we are providing.

You can view both town hall meetings in their entirety on our YouTube channel here: Each video begins with a message from our Executive Director, Jimmy Junkin, followed by questions from the audience and then questions submitted via Facebook or email. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified when we add additional videos.

We are committed to striving for improvements in all areas of our service to you. We have formed a team referred to as the Public Information & Customer Relations Committee to investigate and institute changes that will have a beneficial impact to all of our customers. We invite you to attend that committee meeting, which kicks off at 2:00 PM this afternoon, Tuesday, February 28, 2017, in the Commission Chambers at 1703 Gloucester St.


Jay Sellers
Public Education and Systems Analysis Manager (Public Information Officer)
1703 Gloucester St
Brunswick, GA 31520
Office: 912.261.7123
Fax: 912.261.7178

Holiday Schedule – MLK Day 2017

Every day is a celebration of diversity at the BGJWSC. We’re proud of the well-trained, dedicated staff that we employ to serve our community 24 hours a day, 365 days every year. Whether you are a rate payer or a visitor to the community, you benefit at home, work or play from the hard work performed by our staff made up of varied ages, races, genders, nationalities and backgrounds.

We recognize that our agency, our community and our country would look vastly different if not for the work performed by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his partners, efforts that ushered in the changes that came about during the civil rights movement in the 1960s. We honor the legacy of Dr. King on the federal holiday reserved in his name which takes place each year on the third Monday in January.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to join others across our nation in recognition of the struggles faced by this vital figure in the modern era.  The Corporation for National & Community Service, a U.S. Government agency, has resources available to assist you in meeting a tangible need or a need of the spirit by engaging in local service projects that “strengthen communities, empower individuals, bridge barriers, and create solutions.”

Though our administrative offices will be closed Monday, January 16 in honor of Dr. King, crew members, such as the ones featured above with their sanitary sewer vacuum trucks, will continue to be available to assist you around the clock by calling our after-hours number, 912-634-0258.

Regarding Pumping Station 2032 Project Upgrades Affecting Frederica Road Traffic

Despite our efforts to make the matter clear through our previous posting on December 30, 2016, Pump Station 2032 Initial Project Briefing, the Brunswick News reported on January 6, 2017 that the project will reduce Frederica Road to one lane. This was reported by the Brunswick News in error. Rest assured that the BGJWSC has no plans to reduce traffic on Frederica Road to one lane. All work on Frederica Road will be safely managed in the shoulder of the road outside of either lane, as was the stated plan. Our initial project briefing indicates side streets that will affected by the project and approximate time periods, dependent upon construction progress.

Please trust that any updates and/or deviation from these plans will be posted here prior to the commencement of each phase of work in order to keep you completely and accurately informed.

Holiday Schedule – Christmas 2016

In observance of the National Christmas Holiday, the BGJWSC administrative offices will be closed all day on Friday, December 23, and Monday, December 26, 2016. Offices will reopen at 8:00 am on Tuesday, December 27, 2016.

All emergency services will still be available during this time. For assistance with water or sewer service interruptions, please call our after-hours number, 912-634-0258.

Featured below: Luke Orser-Schwalm, Customer Service Manager, and Dana Whitmore, Customer Service Representative