Master Plan Update

Our 2016 Master Plan Update is Presently Ongoing and Needs Your Input

As of March, 2016, JWSC has been operating under the original Master Plan completed in 2007. A Master Plan should be updated every 5 years to define what condition the JWSC water and sanitary sewer systems are currently in as well as define a proposed plan for needed repair & replacement for these systems. As the community grows, the water distribution system and wastewater collection system must grow along with it. In order to meet increasing demands for service, capital improvement projects are needed. We invite your contribution to those efforts. As we formulate a short and long range blueprint on maintaining these complex systems, your input is vital to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the community.

The following draft of our proposed Master Plan may be downloaded and viewed:



The following draft of our rate revision may be downloaded and viewed:

FY_2017 _JWSC_Financial_Management_Plan_Presentation_-_Modified


For those seeking to review our Unsolicited Proposal Policy, it may be downloaded and viewed:


Below, you will find a form that can be used to communicate with us any of those needs that you see. In some cases, your long-term interest may be accounted for. In other cases, you may help us discover a vital artery for service is either missing or inadequate. Please feel free to express you concerns regarding our planning efforts using either this form or the email We will make every effort to enter into a conversation with you regarding your concerns as quickly as possible.

We will also keep you informed as to the time and location of public meetings regarding the Master Plan Update and look forward to your attendance.

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