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With its beautiful coastal environment, pleasant year-round weather, abundant recreational amenities and proximity to major transportation hubs, Glynn County has enjoyed steady growth for the past 50 years. We expect continued growth and expansion in residential, commercial and industrial sectors during the coming years and are working diligently to ensure that our systems continue to provide reliable, efficient service now and in the future.

If you are a developer, contractor or engineer working on new construction or rehabilitating a current structure, there are things you should know as you go through the design and planning process. These documents provide the information you need concerning applications, standards and procedures. If you have questions, please call the Planning & Construction Division at 912.261.7126.

Form_-_Warranty_Deed_for_Dedications – Added 9/22/16
DOT GUPS Application
JWSC Master Plan
JWSC Master Plan Appendices
Standards for Water and Sewer Design and Construction
Development Procedures
Record Drawings Standards
Record Drawings Standards Checklist

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