About the BGJWSC

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Mission Statement:
It is the mission of the Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water and Sewer Commission to safeguard the public health and safety by providing sufficient drinking water and environmentally responsible wastewater treatment in a financially sound manner while meeting or exceeding all regulatory requirements and supporting planned growth in the community.

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Maintenance: How is our system maintained?

Waste Water Treatment: What happens to your waste when you flush it down?

Water Distribution: Where does the water you drink come from?

Water Emergencies: What do you do when the service doesn’t flow?

Water Quality Report: What exactly is in the water you consume?

History of the BGJWSC

The City of Brunswick and Glynn County have long recognized the need to provide services to the region with a coordinated, planned and unified potable water and wastewater system. This effort first began with an intergovernmental agreement to provide wastewater treatment to Glynn County’s north mainland system in 1988.

In the autumn of 2004 the two governments began meeting to discuss the renewal process for the 1988 agreement. It was in these meetings and the ensuing discussions of efficiency in service delivery, avoiding the duplication of resources and preparing for growth that each government realized the community would best be served by continuing their efforts in unifying the systems.

With this goal in mind the City of Brunswick and Glynn County entered into a formational agreement on June 13, 2005 to combine their independently owned and operated water and sewer systems under a separate entity.

From the formational agreement, our local delegation to the State General Assembly introduced legislation to create the Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water and Sewer Commission (the JWSC) as a State agency, but, one that would be governed locally.

The legislation was passed by the General Assembly and signed by the Governor on April 19, 2006. That legislation contained two conditions that would have to be met before the Commission could be formed.

First, the citizens of Glynn County and the City of Brunswick would have to affirm their desire to go forward through a public referendum. On July 18, 2006 the referendum passed with majority votes of 74% in the County and 57% in the City.

After citizen approval, the two governments and the JWSC began work on the second condition of creating an Operational Agreement. This document sets forth the terms and conditions that the JWSC will operate and maintain the unified system on behalf of the City, the County and its citizens. In July 2007 the Operational Agreement was approved and established a January 1, 2008 start date for the JWSC.